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Clothing for moms does not have to be frumpy or sloppy-it can have style and fashion.  Nowhere in What to Expect When You Are Expecting does it say that after the baby is born, you have to forget how to dress nicely.  While comfort and fit are essential during those first few blurry sleep-deprived months of motherhood, once those are over, you need to get back to your old sense of style.

If you have made the choice to be a stay-at-home mom, it does not mean you have to give up looking good and feeling great.  Even during days when you cannot leave the house with your baby, you can still put on a pair of jeans and some lipstick and feel good about yourself.  Do not use the excuse that “no one but the baby will see me”.  You see yourself in the mirror.

Some women hesitate to buy anything new, hoping to fit in their old jeans once again.  Even if you are actively trying to shed the baby pounds, you still need to look good in what you are presently wearing.  If your budget does not permit an entirely new wardrobe of clothing in your new size, buy a few items and then work on losing the extra weight to get back into your old wardrobe.

What are some fashionable wardrobe items for busy stay-at-home moms on the go?

Jeans That Flatter and Fit

Muffin tops are not pleasing to the eye and neither are jeans that sag in the back.  Although many women would rather have a root canal than go shopping for jeans,  once you find the perfect pair that flatter your shape, buy two or three pairs!  Get them in different colors (black, indigo, light blue)  to change up your look each day.

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are flattering to the body and are very comfortable.  They have the stretch that you need when you are playing on the floor with your baby or pushing a stroller in the park.  They are forgiving of the extra baby weight and are so much more stylish than sweatpants.

Fitted Tee Shirts

A great back tee shirt can rock a great pair of jeans.  Do not buy oversized, hide your figure shirts.  Invest in a few figure flattering shirts that come in a variety of colors.  My personal favorite is the Daisy Fuentes line of “My Essential Tees” found at Kohl's.  I own every one in every color in both long and short sleeves.  They are comfortable, wash well, and look great.

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Denim Jacket

Add a rocking denim jacket to your jeans and tee shirt to look stylish while you are at the mall with baby.  Denim jackets are always in vogue.  You can create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with puffy paint, fabric or rhinestones.

Black Shoes

A fashionable pair of black shoes with just enough heel will transform you a fashionista once again.  Leave the sneakers for the gym.


When the weather gets chillier, a comfy and up-to-date pair of boots will update anything you wear.  Keep the heels low so you can chase after your baby!

Denim Skirt

Wearing a denim skirt will make a mom feel more feminine.  They come in varying lengths, so get as short as you dare.

Becoming a mom is a wonderful experience.  While you do give up many things as you parent, one of them should not be style.  You will feel better about yourself when you get rid of the oversized sweats and wear clothes that are both stylish and in fashion.