In today’s generation where clothes and fashion have become one of the most competitive franchising in the market, boutiques and shops are constantly in a contest with each other. Although their clothes and designs are varied, these stores are basically nothing without clothing display racks. Imagine a clothes shop without these racks to exhibit the latest designs and the hottest find for their brand.

Clothing Display Racks in the Fashion Industry

Clothing display racks are essential parts of any clothing business – especially if your store features popular brand names such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Guess or other highly rated names in the industry. All these companies need a building, designers, clothes, and they’re all set. But there’s a problem: where do you hang your new clothing line?

The answer is simple: clothing display racks. They are one of the most essential equipments in any store and without it – well, the whole business would lack the ability to attract customers from the other side of the glass and would fall apart in the long run. Hence, these racks, that we often take for granted, are also prime ingredients to be able to produce the perfect aromas to catch the attention of buyers. The lethal combination of eye-catching racks and top clothing display is a must if you want to have success in this business.

Not only are they good for displaying your clothes for clients to choose from, but it also acts as an organizer for your clothes. This allows you to divide clothes according to their style or color and thus is very functional. It also prevents your clothes from being folded or damaged as they are just hanged on the racks without any strain on the cloth. However, there are also display racks that look like stools or cabinets that will let you fold some garments like a table.

Types of Clothing Display Racks

There are many types of racks for business and even home needs that vary in size and shape.

The common type used typically in most stores is the decorative clothing rack with two arms. The height of this rack can be adjustable and can go from 48” to 72”. It has a straight arm and one slant arm with eight balls. A special type is one that has wheels, perfect if you wish to move it any time you want without the added hassle. These also come in different colors such as black, grey or gold and prices range from $70 to $82.

Another type is the unique three-way display rack. It’s height also goes from 48” to 72” and has 1 straight 16” inch arm, one slant arm with six balls, and one quarter round arm. This type may also have casters and costs about $80 to $92.

A four-way clothing rack is also available if you wish to have more clothe-carrying capacity for your rack.  This presents your garments face-out to show at their best from four directions. Individual arms also allow you to accommodate a variety of garment lengths and each push-button arm extends from 48” to 72”. This type may have casters and wheels. Typically, this costs as much as a three-way display clothing rack.

Another common display clothing rack is the rolling clothing rack with a single bar. It is a decorative single hang-rail with locking casters. Its height can be adjustable from 49” to 67” and is usually 48” in length and 20” in width. Some clothing racks of this type are decorative and may have double hang-rails rather than just one. This type costs about $80 to $105.

The decorative spiral rack is a unique, 27-ball decorative spiral rack that is a unique addition to your store. It is usually 68” tall and has a wide base of 25”, and costs about $70.

A single hang-rail clothing rack is one of the most multi-purpose racks that have compartments for hanged clothes, shoes and purses.

All in all, there are a lot of styles of clothing display racks available that will suit one’s decorative and displaying needs according to personal preference or your store’s general style and design.

Tips in Selecting Clothing Display Racks

Knowing the many types of garment racks available, you still need to choose the best for your store.

Rolling clothing racks are versatile and can also be used for dressing rooms rather than just for display. They also hold items behind the register or as standard racks. These are popular in boutiques so that they can move displays around whenever they want. Some stores also use this type for special promotions or sidewalk sales.

Wooden display racks is a very attractive type and can be embossed with a brand name or store logo, perfect for customizing and minor sculpting for extra elegance. They are usually on caster and are moved around to fit in small spaces. Not only are they beautiful racks, they are also very sturdy.

Boutique clothing display racks come in all sorts of special and unique designs. They are usually made of grey metal or have a satin chrome finish. They have artistic points of interest such as swirls at the ends that look like vines or decorative metal work at the top. These special racks draw a lot of attention and show that you truly care about even the smallest details in your store.


Display clothing racks can make a huge difference in any store and can highlight a certain zone of your store if chosen right. If deciding to go into the fashion business, meticulously chosen clothing display racks will give you the extra boost of magnetizing customers to your stores and subsequently boost sales.