10 Essential Work Clothing items

Let's face it, not only is dressing for work place expensive but it can be very frusterating deciding what you want to wear between the Monday to Friday stretch. I have made the mistake of purchasing cheaper more vibrant clothing in hopes of expanding my closet and having something new to wear to work. These cheaper more vibrant items usually made me look unprofessional and would look old after only wearing them once.

I have learned that if you purchase more neutral expensive items they not only last longer but they are more appropriate for the work environment.

There are a few essential items that every girl must have in their closet if they want to survive the work week. I have listed these essential items below. All of these items can be worn together to provide the illusion of a new outfit each day.
Not only will these essentials save you money on clothes in the long run, they will take away the frustration that us girls face every morning when deciding what to wear to the office.

10 Essential Clothing items- For the working girl

1. Black Pants- There are many different styles that are appropriate for work. May it be baggy or straight leg, make sure you try on a couple of pairs to find the fit that is right for you.

2. Strait Skirt- Stick to black or gray and make sure that it is hemmed.

3. Knitted Sweater- Stick to black or gray

4. Black Dress- This can be short sleeved or with no sleeves. If it has no sleeved wear it with a cardigan.

5. White dress shirt- This can be either short sleeved or long sleeved.

6. Black Cardigan sweater

7. Neutral short sleeved cotton shirt

8. Dress coat- This should be knee length and either black or grey.

9. Black Bag- Make sure the bag is big enough to carry all your items for the day.

10. Black heels- Black closed toe flats would also be acceptable.