Pet owners across the country are becoming more aware of the benefits their dogs can gain by wearing adequate clothing in cold weather. Even dogs can become uncomfortable when the temperature drops - especially those with short hair. Keeping him clothed offers several benefits beyond just keeping him comfortable.

Some of the benefits of clothing your dog in cold weather:

Keeps him warm
Keeps him clean
Keeps his coat dry
Fends off fleas and ticks
Cuts down on insect bites
Screen from sunburns
Protect his paws
Keeps hair off the carpet

When the weather changes we change our wardrobe to suit the climate. The same rules can be used for our pets. Dog clothing comes in a large variety of types and styles. You can dress your pup in coats, sweaters, t-shirts, raincoats, and even boots.

Most dogs will adapt quickly to clothing. However some take a little longer. Just give them a little time and they will come around. You can get your dog to cooperate by offering him a treat when it is time to get dressed.

If the nights get cold in your home your dog will appreciate a pair of cotton pajamas. It wont take him long to figure out that the pajamas are helping to keep him warm. This will also help reduce the dog hair around the house. We can all appreciate that!

When we go outside and step on the rainy or snowy pavement with our bare-feet we run off dancing because the asphalt is so cold or wet. Dogs experience the same problem. Dog boots will offer the perfect protection for his little paws from heat, sleet and snow.

Dressing up your dog is not only fun when the holidays roll around! Celebrities are dressing up their beloved pets as well. Clothing designers are jumping on the bandwagon and designing stylish clothes for pets.

If you are wondering about sizes you can measure your dog with a piece of string. You want to start by measuring the distance from his head to the base of his tail. Once you have the length use a measuring tape to get the actual dimensions, then write it down. Measure his chest at the widest part, jot that down. Then all that is left is to measure around the neck. If you find that your dog is between sizes go with the larger size.

Don't wait for the holidays to look for fun ideas for dressing up your pooch. It's not just fun, it's for his comfort!