As a parent, you want to find the clothing stores for teens that will have the clothing that you both like – something stylish and trendy for them, but something that you don’t mind them wearing, either. As a teen, your child is always looking for the latest fashion trends. They want to fit in with their friends, and sometimes this can be difficult to do at this age. Clothing makes a big statement, however, and it is how many teens do express themselves. Below are some great clothing stores for teens that have a lot to offer and you may want to check out.

Love Culture
Love Culture - Clothing Stores for TeensCredit: www.loveculture.comFor your teen girl, Love Culture could be just the store you’ve both been looking for. They were started in 2007 by Bennet Koo and Jai Rhee with a vision that independent, confident and real women are the ones who drive the innovations in fashion. This has brought the store much recognition and success with a following of shoppers who are fashion conscious. They strive to form long-last relationships with their customers by offering a large selection of fashions and accessories that are affordable and also a step above the rest of the fashion world with fun and creative designs. Besides their wide variety of clothing, they also have clothes, fun accessories, headwear, outerwear and bags and wallets.

Wet Seal
Wet Seal - Clothing Stores for TeensCredit: www.wetseal.comWet Seal is a leading specialty retailer which carries contemporary and fashionable apparel and accessories. This is a popular clothing store for young girls to find all kinds of clothing and accessories at. They also offer jackets, shoes, intimates and active wear. You can easily shop their website by category, and there are sections for sale and clearance items as well, plus a section for the top trends and Jr. Plus. You can also check out what is brand new in their Just Arrived section if you are looking for hot new trends.

Alloy Apparel
Alloy Apparel- Clothing Stores for TeensCredit: www.alloyapparel.comAt Alloy, you can find some of the coolest styles for your teenage girl online or by catalog. They have clothing available for all body types with pants sizes going up to size 25 and shirts going up to size 3XL, which can be tough to find in a shopping world that is mostly tailored to fit girls who wear a size 4 or 6. On their website, besides a great shopping experience, your teen can find all kinds of information on style tips, celebrity news, love advice and many other topics of interest to teens, so it is like having a magazine to go with your shopping experience.

Papaya Clothing
Papaya Clothing - Clothing Stores for TeensCredit: www.papayaclothing.comPapaya is a branch of Cornerstone Apparel, Inc. and they have been in the retail fashion world for over twenty-five years. Their focus is mostly on petite and junior apparel and they have are a manufacturer-direct sore so they can pass on their savings to you by not having any middlemen commission to worry about. Therefore, you can shop anytime you need to from Papaya and always expect affordable prices without having to wait for big sales. Their site is easy to navigate by category where you can shop in their features section, new arrivals, accessories or shoes besides their normal clothing sections. They even have a sale section included for really great deals on top of their already low prices.

Buckle - Clothing Stores for TeensCredit: www.buckle.comFor really great jeans, you can let your teen shop at Buckle. They carry the latest jeans from top designer names like Guess, Lucky and BKE. When you shop online with them you can search their catalog by color, waist size, finish, inseam or brand. At Buckle your teen can also find all kinds of other clothing to go with the jeans, plus outerwear, shoes and accessories. This company focuses on providing personal customer service and free layaway, alterations and a frequent shopper program to make your shopping experience with them even more enjoyable.

Since you know your teenager will be looking for all the latest fashion trends, it is good to know a few good clothing stores for teens ahead of time that you would feel comfortable with them shopping at as well. Whether you want to traverse the malls with your child or you find it more convenient to shop online, there are many good quality clothing stores for teens.