In the fashion world, women who measure below five feet and three inches are considered petite. While many fashion trends cater to tall, slim figures, this doesn’t mean that a petite can’t have as much fun exploring outfits and clothes. If you don’t consider yourself tall, you’ll find lots of fabulous offerings at stores like Norm Thompson and Fashion Bug. Apart from that, you should also follow these tips on how to look stunning even without the height of a fashion model.

Go for High Heels

The quickest way to add height to your look is to wear high heels. Great choices include pumps and sling-backs, but avoid those that come with ankle straps. This is because ankle straps break the illusion of a vertical line. In short, it makes you look short. Don’t worry much about comfort as there are now high-heeled shoes that are made with air technology to provide sufficient cushion for the feet. Choose heels of the right height. You only want to look one or two inches taller. You might as well be on stilts if you’re looking into doubling your height.

The Monochromatic Look

Another effective fashion tip for petites is to wear the same color. If you are going to wear a dress or gown, choose one that is monochromatic. If you are going to wear a top and skirt (or pants), choose ones that come in the same colors. Even your stockings or tights should be matched in color. Uniformed shades, particularly darker ones, will make you appear taller and slimmer.

Fit is Everything

Whether you’re short or tall, plump or skinny, you always have to ensure the perfect fit. Loose and baggy clothing is a major no-no for petite women. You would be better off in fitted or semi-fitted clothing that hugs your figure well. Remember that extra fabric adds bulk to your body and in turn makes you look even shorter than you really are.

Vertical Lines and V-Shapes

When buying clothes, always remember these two Vs: vertical lines and v-shapes. Looking for clothes with vertical lines doesn’t mean you have to limit your choices to striped outfits. Vertical seam lines, like the princess seam, are enough to work some magic into your look. Blouses, shirts and jackets that have V-shaped necklines also give the illusion of height so these should be preferred over round or turtle necks.

Say No to Bulky Garments and Accessories

Avoid dresses that come with a lot of fluff. You want to look taller and not wider. It’s also best to steer clear off gigantic handbags that appear bigger than you. Medium and small sized purses will complement your short frame.

No Minis for Mini You

Watch out for mini skirts and dresses. These clothes look awesome on tall slender women who have long legs. Unfortunately, these can make a petite woman’s legs look shorter. If you are desperate to wear a mini dress, go for one with empire cut that creates the illusion of longer legs.