There are a few things that we know all golfers needs. Clubs, balls, a caddy bag are a few; but what about the clothing that we wear out there? It is essential to feel comfortable and confident out on the course and our clothing often helps. Finding the right clothing items for the gold course can really make a difference in your game.

1) The shoes. Whatever you put on your feel can make or break your entire game. Since your form matters so much in your swing, the shows you wear can have a huge impact on that. If you do not find appropriate shoes, you can always develop back problems that will affect your swing for the rest of your life. In order to avoid this, make sure you seek out a professional whenever you purchase new shoes. You want to look for comfort and breathability, since it can get pretty hot out there, but the number one thing to look for is support. Depending on your body type, you will need support in different areas of your feet, so finding out your pressure points and purchasing shoes with the appropriate support can make a huge difference.

2) The outfit. It is important to be comfortable out on the course, but who wants to sacrifice style? The top and women's golf pants you choose can be stylish as well as functional so do not be dismayed! There are plenty of new lines of clothes for women that are comfortable and fashionable. We all know that women need a little more support than men, and styles are often tighter, so the material you choose can make all the difference. Moisture-wicking fabrics are generally the most comfortable and come in many styles and colors.

3) The gloves. The best way to avoid getting blisters on your hands out on the course is to wear gloves. They can also help improve your grip and swing. Soft leather gloves are increasingly popular, and very stylish. The soft comfort with firm palm protects your hands, and you're unlikely to mistake them for your husband's or male golfing friends! With a palate of pastels to choose from, you're sure to find a pair to match each of your favorite golfing outfits.