Clothing for twins can be a lot of fun. There are so many cute fashion options for parents of multiples, no matter if you have identical twin boys or girls or a fraternal set of twins.

Deciding what clothing to buy for your twins is a dilemma for parents of multiples. While it is a lot of fun to dress them alike, how many times is harmful? Some parents may worry that they will harm their children if they dress them alike too often.

Other parents want to revel in the joy that raising twins brings. It is really fun to have your kids dressed all matching from head to toe. They look so adorable-and who can resist having your kids look adorable?

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It is also a kick for parents of multiples to push a double stroller with two children of the same size dressed alike and get the most obvious question, “Are they twins?”. Parents of twins get very proficient at not eye rolling when this question is asked.

For sleep-deprived moms of twins, it is infinitely easier for to buy two of the same outfit. Also, I will let you in on a secret…parenting twins is like being in a special club. Not everyone gets to go on this adventure. It really is a lot of fun to celebrate your children’s “twinness”.

In the past, parents often dressed their twins exactly alike. Instead of treating them like individuals, they were treated almost like they were one person. It did not matter that the set of twins in question did not want to dress exactly like his brother or her sister. In the case of identical twins, it made telling them apart much more difficult when they were dressed alike.

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Nowadays, it is suggested that the clothing you buy for your twins be different. While it can be a lot of fun to dress them alike every now and then, it should not be done on a regular basis. If your twins express any negative emotions to being dressed alike, parents need to listen to them and respect their feelings.

Occasionally, you may receive clothing for your twins as gifts from people. People who do not have twins love to get them matching outfits (this I know from personal experience). Thank the person for their thoughtfulness and use these as your fun dress-alike outfits for your dynamic duo.

Clothing for twins can be a lot of fun if your children are the same gender. It is easy to dress them alike. Simply buy the same outfit in the same color, or buy the same outfit in different colors so each twin gets to wear his or her favorite color.

Twins Tee ShirtCredit: you have boy/girl twins, you can dress them in the same color scheme. It is easy to find such coordinating colors at The Children’s Place or at Gymboree, where boys and girls clothing lines come in the same color schemes each season.

Dressing your twins can be a lot of fun, especially with all of the custom clothing that you can buy. Just be sure to listen to them if they begin to object.