In the previous article we covered some of the reasons why dog clothes may need to be a necessity. If you live in a warmer climate then doggie clothes will probably not be a necessity for your dog and the cheapest clothes you will find for your dog is already on its back. If your dog will be exposed to extreme elements than you may be looking to clothe your dog on a budget. So here are some ideas for doing just that.

Look in the bargain bin

Doggie clothing is a big industry today with many manufacturers competing for a growing but still relatively small market. This can sometimes create overstock of less popular styles and colours. So if you're not hung up on making sure that your dogs shirt says "princess" or not, then you are sure to find some great deals here. Doggie clothes bargain bins can be found in any of the big box pet stores like Petsmart or even Department stores like Walmart.


If you have never shopped on Ebay before then you are missing out on some of the greatest deals you can find outside of traditional brick and mortar shops. The selection and variety are great because the marketplace is worldwide. You can find genuine or imitation doggie clothing on Ebay for fantastic prices. Just be sure to account for the shipping or your 99 cent shirt could end up costing you a lot more

The do-it-yourself approach

People with a little patience and a desire to learn can always tackle the do-it-yourself approach to doggie clothing. With a sewing machine and some fabrics you can easily make some killer threads for your dog and save a lot of money. If you shop for retail doggie clothing you know that it can be very expensive. With the right tools and some creativity you can take on the task yourself and make any kind of garment you can think of at a fraction of retail prices. Some people have even been known to alter baby clothing and make it into doggie clothing. If you go to your local thrift store you can probably find piles of alterable baby clothes to turn into doggie clothes. The internet is a vast resource of free information, how-to's and patterns for making your own doggie clothing so what are you waiting for? Get a google search going and see what you find.