Now-a-days cloud computing is a buzz word not only among the IT professionals, but also among general people. When a new technology becomes available in the market, there arise many confusion and doubt about the effectiveness and reliability of that technology. The integrity of cloud computing also is under question by many, who do not have solid grasp of cloud system and its underlying technology. But we can expect that with time we all will understand the true power of this emerging computer technology and will integrate it in our business solutions.


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is such a type of computing where you don't have to spend any money to build and maintain your IT infrastructure. When you need to use computing resources like application software, you just borrow that facility from a third party organization, and access that service via Internet. In return you pay the service provider as you use the computing power. In short, in cloud environment, you don't need to buy any hardware and software to run your business applications- thus it help you minimize your investment on hardware resources and IT maintenance team.

Types of Cloud Computing Service

Currently, cloud computing customers can expect to get three types of services from cloud service providers and those three are:

1. Cloud infrastructure as a service- All the required hardware to run a business is provided by cloud service providers and the customers manage their ocloud computing  (30870)wn application software.

2. Could platform as a service-In this type of cloud computing, a customer pays to the service provider to use their platform as their IT solution. For example, if you need email system or database software for your business, you can use a third party's computing service that prove email and database solutions.

3. Application software as a service- If you only need to use a specific kind of software to get a output or to perform an analysis, then it is much cheaper to use that software service from a cloud service provider rather than buying, installing and maintaining it.


Cloud Service Providers

Unlike web hosting solutions, there are only a limited number of clouding computing service providers. But the good news is that all the major hardware and software brands of the world including Google and Microsoft are already providing cloud solutions. The other major cloud service providers are HP, DELL, Amazon and IBM.

Benefits of Cloud Computing?

The main benefit of using cloud computing is saving cost in IT infrastructure installation and management. Because in a cloud environment, you do not have to buy any hardware. You just buy the computing services from a cloud service provider and those services can be accessed online. It is seen that to run a small and mid-size business, the majority of the investment are wasted in buying hardware and software. On the other hand, a cloud computing solution can save initial investment on hardware purchase, and thus help small business owners to spend more money on the core areas of business.

Future of Cloud Computing

In a cloud based system, all the application software including email system and database run on a third party datacenter. Because of this reason, many business owners think that by going for cloud solution they may risk the privacy and security of their internal data. If you can set aside the security issues, then cloud computing is an excellent cost-effective solution of all kinds of business. As researchers are continuously trying to improve the security of a cloud environment, we can expect that very soon cloud computing will be a common place solution for all types of business.

Cloud Computing Explained