A young man was explaining some ins and outs of the world wide web technology to me, and I realized that I was already using cloud computing! One way to look at it is the cloud is a giant server floating about in cyberspace. It offers interpersonal computing, web services, and software as a service. Examples are:

  • Google Docs, Jooce, and Open Office - these are SAAS, or software as a service, free to access, share and use from anywhere. No need to purchase a word program with these free available ones.
  • Social networks (Facebook, Myspace, Digg, etc.), wikis, blogs and videos are interpersonal computing examples that are also free. Blogger, and You Tube are also.
  • Web services such as online payments (paypal) offer more value at the right cost - zero.
Cloud technology or free cloud computing, is becoming more popular as IT advances. Netbooks and mobile smart phones with apps that offer services for anyone to connect to are the future wave. I think the hardware and software used via cloud computing helps to level the playing field for those not able to invest in costly programs. In a way it contributes to keeping the internet free. Competition will gear up as browsing becomes more valuable, so the big players will just get better.

Watch for cloud gaming services to burst upon the broadband soon. That will be a requirement, to have broadband connection. It may put some console retailers out of business. cloud computing

My reason for educating myself about cloud computing is that I will be traveling out of the country for six weeks, and I don't want to buy a laptop. They are just too pricey. So, I started looking into netbooks. I realized that most of what I do can be accomplished for free (no costly software programs) – mainly a great browser, and an internet connection. My blog is on blogger (free), my word docs are being transferred to google docs, my photos can be on Flikr or Picasa (both free), my e-mails are on free services, various payments via paypal, and open office has great programs too. What software would I need to purchase, I wondered. As of this time, I can't think of any. If I wanted to make a video I could use the webcam on the netbook and direct it to You Tube. Yes, I don't need a laptop. Most of the power is in the cloud, where my computing will be, not in my personal computer.

Basically, the cloud is a large outsourcing place filled with open source cloud computing. It does the storage, filing, and other hardware tasks that the average computer user doesn't need to purchase anymore.