Though the term cloud computing has become more relevant today, the idea or concept is far from new. Cloud computing simply put is the ability to use software, file storage, as well as access to data without the use of memory or space on your physical computer. Cloud computing enables computer users to retrieve applications and other software without having to download or install anything.

Companies that offer cloud computing services provide their services through the internet. In turn these services or applications are accessed through web browsers, desktop, and mobile apps. For businesses, the cloud computing software is provided on servers from a distant location. There are some instances where the applications are provided with screen sharing.

Cloud Computing allows for multiple devices to be in sync and access the same database no matter what location they are in. Data and software updates can be shared instantly, allowing computer users to view new information quickly. Some computer users access cloud services already such as Google docs.

Whatever information you need can be readily available to you within seconds. Cloud computing allows you to share information with others users. Your personal cloud can contain information such as an address book, music, work related material, and more. Once you have downloaded this information to your personal cloud, you can share this information with other cloud users. Anyone that you feel can benefit from or needs to have instant access to your information can be synced.

There are several different types of cloud computing that computer users access for different circumstances. SaaS is cloud computing that offers one application through a web browser to many customers. Customers using this form of cloud computing do not have to worry about investing in servers or software licensing. SaaS is typically used in Human Resource Departments. Utility computing is another cloud computing concept. The utility computing allows for companies to utilize storage and virtual servers that are accessible by IT at any time. Companies such as Amazon, Sun, and IBM have begun using this form of cloud computing.

Web services are similar to SaaS, they offer APIs that allow developers to function over the internet. This eliminates developers having to deliver full blown software applications. Companies such as ADP and the US Postal Service utilize this form of cloud computing. Platform as a service is also similar to Saas, they allow for you to create your own data or applications and run them through the cloud computing provider’s infrastructure. The program or software is then accessible over the internet to as many users as you require.

There are several other types of cloud computing that are used by individuals and organizations. Cloud computing has enabled many to work from a remote location and still be connected to the greater picture. Consumers have been able to save a lot of  money, time, and storage space by utilizing different forms of cloud computing. This dynamic trend has begun to become more and more popular among organizations and individuals alike.

Microsoft Cloud serves as an operating system based on Windows. This operating system can be applied to just about any device from virtually anywhere. Microsoft created this operating system to allow users to connect to their personal information using devices such as pc, laptop, tablet, and even smart phones. Users of this operating system can easily access their information as long as there is an internet connection. Many companies have begun to use the cloud computing technology to keep their employees and in some cases customers on the same page. The ability to access your personal information from anywhere is a great convenience that many business owners have come to love. Users pay a monthly subscription and are able to access several different services offered by Microsoft through their cloud services.

Microsoft Office 365

Late 2010, Microsoft announced their new edition to cloud computing services. Microsoft office 365 was complete and was going to increase business productivity by combining Microsoft office, Exchange online, Lync Online, and Sharepoint. The program allows employees to access their documents from anywhere. Microsfot Office 365 allows for users to work and collaborate with others in their network or outside of their network. Microsoft office is available for small businesses and larger organizations with different packages depending upon your staff.

Microsoft Office 365 has many benefits to small, mid-sized, and even large organizations. One of the greatest benefits that companies see with using Microsoft 365 is that it’s affordable. With rates to meet anyone’s budget, companies have high tech technology for low affordable costs. Microsoft Office 365 has built in security that protects the users files at all times. Another major benefit to managers is that since employees are already familiar with Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, and Lync Online, they are able to easily understand how to use the Microsoft Cloud service without extra training or confusion.

Microsoft Skydrive is a free cloud based file storage program. With this system users are able to upload, download, and share files with virtually anyone from virtually anywhere. Since this Microsoft Cloud service is through Windows Live, users can use their Live ID’s to login and access the information needed. Users have a choice to make the files private, share the files, or make them public for everyone to view. Users are entitled to 25GB of free space for storing files, and a maximum capacity of 100MB per file. To date Microsoft Skydrive has become one of the leading competitors in file storage hosting.

Microsoft Cloud services can be very beneficial to anyone at anytime. Cloud computing allows users to worry less with around the clock service. No matter what your situation  is, whether you need to work on a document during the late night hours, or you forgot to make copies of a presentation for a client, or you simply have some extra time at home and want to work on something, you are able to complete this from any device at any time. Microsoft Cloud has afforded business around the clock productivity that they can trust.