Lately, I've been doing a torrent of Christmas shopping for my family and friends and still have a To-Buy list, the length of my shoulder to elbow, to cross off. Ugh! But the kinds of gifts I need to buy this year is a little different to previous years. This has made my shopping experience less monotonous, but at the same time, a lot more stressful and frustrating. For instance, several of my friends are expecting babies and I thought they might find it useful if I gave them something baby-related for Christmas. Unfortunately, I don't have any kids of my own so I had absolutely no idea what to buy. Until, thank heavens, I stumbled upon the Cloud b Sleep Sheep while browsing online.

Cloud b Sleep Sheep

The Cloud b Sleep Sheep is such a marvellous concept. I'm a bit of a gadgets geek FYI athough my interests have never extended to baby's toys because I think baby gadgets are generally over-simplistic and boring. But the Cloud b Sleep Sheep has certainly sparked my fascination. Here's what I found out about the Cloud b Sleep Sheep after a bit of research.

A Cute and Unique Sound Machine for Sleep

The Cloud b Sleep Sheep was actually created by two mothers, who wanted to make something fun for babies that would additionally assist their brains and bodies to develop heathily. In consultation with an advisory board of sleep specialists and pediatricians, they found that what many babies (as well as their mothers) were lacking was regular, long and safe sleep patterns.

Babies often don't get enough sleep because they get stressed out by the multitude of disruptive noises from both inside and outside the house. Playing music has been widely criticised for being too stimulating and, of course, noises from older siblings or from the TV can be loud and disturbing. In fact, what babies need is some repetitive and soothing sounds similar to those that they got used to hearing inside the womb, particularly during the first trimester. To achieve this, the Cloud b Sleep Sheep lulls babies into slumber by creating four different types of "white noise" that blocks out disruptive sounds in the surroundings.

The four soothing sounds you can change and choose on the sound box inside each Cloud b Sleep Sheep are:

1.) Mother's heartbeat, which is a tranquil and steady thumping that will give the baby the impression that their mother is right beside them. The sound of heartbeat tends to reassure babies because that is what they heard when they were inside the womb.

2.) Spring Rain, a comforting patter of rain falling rhythmically.

3.) The Ocean, the gentle rising and falling of waves that encourages the baby to quieten down and take deep breaths.

4.) Whale Songs, harmonious and echoing whale calls under the sea that creates a peaceful ambience.

Cloud b Sleep Sheep's sound box

The Sleep Sheep has also been cleverly designed, with the sound box inserted sideways in the middle of the sheep so that the cushioning of the body protects it from being broken if thrown and also ensures that the sheep is soft and cuddly for the baby to hug. To activate the sounds, you just simply have to press the relevant "push" button and you can also adjust the volume with the dial under the four "push" buttons. In order to conserve battery power, the sound automatically switches off after 23 minutes, which gives the baby reasonable time to fall into a deep sleep. This is pretty good timing in comparison to many other sound machiens, which switch off other five to ten minutes. While the sound is going, mothers can sneak out of the nursery and get some valuable sleep for themselves.

Cloud b Sleep Sheep velcro strap

Moreover, the sound box is removeable for easy packing and if space is limited. On the back of the Sleep Sheep, there is also a built-in Velcro strap so you can attach the sheep to the baby's crib, stroller or car seat. In addition, the Sleep Sheep can also serve as a lightweight stuffed toy friend for the baby to play with when they don't need to sleep. The Sleep Sheep is very easy and quick to clean- All you need to do is wipe the surface with soap and water. What's more, the material of the Sleep Sheep is pretty sturdy and durable so it will definitely withstand many machine washes.

The other thing that I like about the Cloud b Sleep Sheep is that it already comes ready with two "AA" batteries so I (and my busy working mother friends) won't have to go to the supermarket and buy batteries to go along with the gift, which saves time. If you purchase it from Amazon, you can also get free shipping but I'd advise you to hurry because it's been selling like hotcakes on there and there's only four left in stock.

I have to say that the Cloud b Sleep Sheep is the perfect Christmas gift for new mothers or mothers-to-be. And if you're a mother yourself, well, I reckon you definitely deserve to spoil yourself and your bundle of joy with some luxurious, high-quality sleep. Wishing all mothers the best of health and a very Merry Christmas!