Computers fail. This irritating fact has lead to the startup of many online backup services. Cloudberry is one of these services. Basically Cloudberry helps you to restore your computer after a crash or loss of information. Many turn to Cloudberry for its excellent file recovery system. It allows you to restore files that were accidentally deleted. It is a great option for those working primarily on the internet as it works well with FTP servers which often crash.

There are two main causes of computer problems. Sometimes you will encounter computer viruses that damage your system and information. Other times your computer will experience internal problems that lead to some sort of system malfunction. In simple terms computer problems either stem from malicious hackers or system failure. In either case, system troubles can be disastrous. They often result in the loss of critical files and information. Some of these items are irreplaceable, making their loss all the more detrimental. Cloudberry protects you from these threats. No, they aren't an antivirus program and won't keep your computer from facing threats. Rather they help you to pick up the pieces and easily restore information once it has been lost. With Cloudberry Backup, your information will be stored far away from the reaching arms of hackers and will be safe no matter what happens to your computer.

Think about your computer for a minute. What files could you replace? Do you have copies of all of the pictures on your computer? Some things would probably be lost forever. Cloudberry helps take the stress out of computing. Anything that happens to your computer won't matter with Cloudberry backup. If your computer overheats and loses vital information, you will have another copy instantly available. Cloudberry takes your important files, stores them in a safe place and ensures that they are ready to restore your system should it encounter computer failure. Since it utilizes an easy to use web interface, you will be able to easily back up files to their secure database. This makes backup easier than it has ever been. Cloudberry will come to your rescue when your computer fails and will ensure you have the information you need.

You won't have to worry about the safety of your information while it is stored with Cloudberry. They use strong levels of encryption to ensure your information is only accessed by you. If someone else tries to get to your information, they will only see a jumble that will be nearly impossible to make sense of. Cloudberry will also regularly scan your computer for changes. This keeps everything as up to date as possible. Cloudberry can be used anywhere since it uses Amazon S3 technology to operate. This means that this program is an ideal choice for any situation. Cloudberry works great for home and business use and can truly protect all of your information.

Rest assured with Cloudberry. You will be protecting your computer from a host of problems. No longer will you need to worry about hackers, viruses, malicious threats, accidental deletion or a computer crash. Anything that happens, Cloudberry will be ready and will help you to easily restore your system and a recent version of all of your important files. Online backup is a must and Cloudberry is one of the best choices available. Don't trust your files to just anyone, choose the best.