cloudy eye goldfish disease

Goldfish are wonderful pets to keep and very easy to care for. As with all pets they do require proper conditions, environment  and looking after to ensure they thrive. Although their requirements are often very simple, any deviation may result in health problems. One such illness that can affect your goldfish is cloudy eye.

cloudy eye goldfish diseaseSymptoms of cloudy eye

The  problem of cloudy eye goldfish disease is not always easy to spot until it becomes very pronounced covering a large portion of your pets eye. You should also note this problem can affect one or both eyes.


Cloudy eye is exactly as it sounds. The fish's eye or eyes develop a whitish film which in time may cause completely coverage. Naturally it will be difficult for the fish to see and negotiate its way around especially if there are numerous obstacles such as ornaments in the tank.

Common causes

Although there can be numerous reasons a fish develops the condition of cloudy eye there are one or two that are the main causes. Probably the most prevalent cause is poor quality to the water. It is vital to maintain not only the right temperature and pH level but condition of the water as well by changing it regularly or using filtration depending on your tank setup.

Other common reason for cloudy eye developing in goldfish can be poor nutrition, bacterial infection or injury. Should your pet have been healthy but cloudy eye or some other health matter occurs soon after introducing one or more other fish into the environment there is a very real likelihood at least one of the newcomers was infected with a disease which has spread.

Treatment of the condition

Quite often cloudy eye in itself is not a dangerous or a serious problem to the fish. Many have lived with the condition for several years. As previously mentioned, the only real difficulty for your pet is limited eyesight which might result in the fish bumping into things and that could lead to injury.

One of the first things to do to treat the condition is to ensure the water quality is perfect, Many times this alone can bring about a cure. A lack of vitamins is known to be a cause therefore ensuring any feed has a good vitamin content will help too. Should the cause be bacterial there are many antibacterial solutions available. It is best that an owner should consult a vet or aquarium pet store for specialist advice and purchase of the ideal remedy.

Although this condition may look distressing, with prompt care and treatment it can often easily be cleared up and the fish continue to live healthily for many years after.