One of the newest social networks for people who play online games is It's a cute play on words for Clubbing, as well as "Club Bing", which is form the search giant A lot of other gaming networks such as give you tickets for playing games online, and then enter into raffles to win prizes. Unlike these gaming networks, Club Bing allows you to buy prizes with your tickets. There is no raffle involved.

The prizes will vary constantly, but the current prize list is huge with all types of goodies. Regardless of your age, you will be able to find some prizes that appeal to you. The selection of prizes is huge. You can choose simple prizes for very few raffle tickets or you can choose a bigger prize such as a Sony DSC Digital Camera. The Sony Digital Camera will cost you 24,600 tickets, and you can earn up to 1,000 tickets each day b simply playing games online like you normally do.

The site encourages people to become a VIP member. As a VIP member you can buy prizes for less raffle tickets then a non-VIP member. There are also some premium VIP prizes that only VIP members can buy such as the KitchenAid Mixer, which will cost you 51,050 tickets.

You would assume that Club Bing wants to sell you a VIP membership to earn money, but you would be wrong. Microsoft is not looking to take your money for a VIP membership. The only way to get a Club Bing VIP membership is by installing the Club Bing Toolbar onto your browser. Of course the Club Bing toolbar will only work on Internet Explorer 7 or higher.

Microsoft wants to keep their share of the browser market from disintegrating further. With Firefox and Chrome used by so many people, Microsoft is hoping to encourage people that may normally use Chrome or Firefox to at least use Internet Explorer to play on their website to earn prizes. They hope that these people will get into the habit of using Internet Explorer and quit using Chrome and Firefox.

You do not however have to use Internet Explorer to install the Club Bing toolbar unless you want to become a VIP member. You can easily register as a basic member and use the browser of your choice. If you are a Firefox or Chrome fan then you can simply use Explorer to play on Club Bing, and not use it anywhere else. Of course this is what Microsoft wants, as many people will surf off to browse websites and not close up the Explorer browser, meaning a higher market share in the browser wars. It may not get a lot of converts back to Explorer, but every little bit helps with Microsoft wanting to get back some of the market share it has lost to other browsers.

One other note, In addition to using Internet Explorer and installing the Club Bing toolbar, you must also set Bing as your default search engine.

Microsoft is not being clingy; they are simply running a business. They will provide you free products for playing games, but if you want to get bigger and better prizes and buy other prizes for a lesser amount of tickets, Microsoft needs to benefit by having you use their Browser and search engine.

If you already use Internet Explorer and don't mind a toolbar and making Bing your default search engine, the Club Bing will be great for you if you spend many hours each day playing games online. As for me, I will continue to use Firefox and Google Chrome. I do however use Bing for about 4 percent of my searches, and that is about all they will get from me. Microsoft is trying to bribe people to use their browser and search engine. Chrome and Firefox are all about the great products they build, and do not need to bribe people.

Club Bing was originally called Live Search Club.