Large selection of prizes.
Legitimate way to win free prizes for playing game.
Doesn't operate on a raffle system.


Some users may find the games difficult and boring
Only one prize per household which means you won't be able to earn enough frequent flier miles to go on a trip.

Full Review

Live Search Club has changed its name to Club Bing. Club Bing is owned by Microsoft and provides users a way to win free prizes by playing games. Live Search Club had several scandals that were widely publicized on forums simply because it was not prepared for how many people would be playing and the different methods they would try to cheat the organization. Overall, Club Bing is one of the few ways to actually earn prizes by playing games for free on the internet.

The games on Club Bing are a little different than video games. Most of them are word based. Some skeptics say that this helps Microsoft boost its search engine volume because you have to search for each word to check it. As such most of the games revolve around anagrams and crossword puzzles. Some games only offer three tickets. Chicktionary, Spelling Bee & Word Slugger are basically the same game and offer 20 points each. Flexicon is the highest point value at 25 points a game. Picture This used to be worth 40 points but the game seems to have been lost in the name switch. The anagrams can be difficult or almost impossible to solve on you own so many users resort to an anagram solver.

There is a wide selection of prizes at Club Bing everything from books and DVDs to cooking supplies. There are many items that are emblazoned with the Club Bing logo such as playing cards and even a tent. The prizes come and go quickly as many users have a reserve of points built up waiting for new prizes. More popular prizes such as xbox games may only be on the site for a few hours. Microsoft items are available such as copies of Office & Vista. The highest ticket item is an xbox, which will take almost two months of achieving the maximum points everyday to earn. Some of the xboxs have been reported as refurbished units.

There are several limitations to Club Bing. Only 1,000 points can be achieved every day. You have to live in the United States to receive prizes. There is only one prize per household. Prizes may take up to three months to arrive. Many users have complaints about the almost non existent customer service department. In the earlier days of the Live Search Club botters and spammers took advantage, earning hundreds of thousands of points in minutes and posting pictures of stacks of the same prize. Club Bing reserves the right to not send you your prize if you are botting or cheating the system. Club Bing is a way to earn free prizes by playing games, but it's not always certain that you'll receive your prize and you may get sick of anagrams in the process.

In Closing