Club Penguin is a multiplayer role-playing website that features safe online Club Penguinactivity for children ages six to thirteen. The website went live October 2005, and then joined with Walt Disney in 2007. Visitors develop their own avatar in the form of an animated penguin.




Club Penguin has two layers of membership. The free members have limited access to games, pins and penguin apparel. Subscribing members have full access to all areas. The site has varying serves that are for multiple countries.








In the virtual world of Club Penguin all avatars are in the form of animated penguins. The inhabitants of this fictional island move around different areas on the site. Visitors to the site can alter clothing, color, hair and other appearance attributes of their penguin for a customized look.




The frienCute Pufflesdly world of penguins includes colorful pets called puffles. Each penguin acquires these puff balls that have different personalities indicated by their color. The penguin pets come in an assortment of colors including green, pink and red. Owners must take care of their puffles or they will run away.








Multi-player activities range from joining a group to tip the iceberg, playing Card- Jitsu at the dojo or decorating their home- an igloo. Visitors earn virtual currency whiles completing in missions. The site offers members opportunities to donate to different CB Dojoworld charities.




Club Penguin offers members access to off-line activities. Access to real-life cooking recipes, coloring pages and outside recreation ideas provide visitors with entertaining away from the computer fun.








No foul language or sharing of personal information is allowed. The "ultimate safe" chat mode allows visitors to use pre-programmed menu of responses only. The less restrictive chat function allows pre-approved phrases with a block on personal identification words.


Club Penguin employs monitors to observe activities and communication throughout the site. Visitors to the site can be banned for not following rules including the use of offensive language not fit for children.








The brand has an array of products that supplement the website. Toys from the company ranToy Pufflesge from puffle pets to limited edition penguins. Club Penguin merchandise purchased connects to the website because each comes with coin codes to be used online. Games available from the world of Club Penguin include titles for Nintendo DS, Card-Jitsu trading cards and others.