Card Jitsu Fire Guide

Card-Jitsu Fire is a new expansion to the popular Card-Jitsu game on Club Penguin. This is a game within a game, where players can compete in an online adaptation of a trading card game. As players gain experience in the game, they advance in points and skill, earning rewards as they go. In this guide, I'll demonstrate how the game is played and offer some tips and tricks for rapid advancement.


Before you get too far down the path of playing Card-Jitsu Fire, you'll need a few things. Of course, a Club Penguin account is necessary, but there's one key requirement difference between Card Jitsu Fire and the original Card Jitsu game. You must be a paid subscriber member in Club Penguin to play this expansion. The game takes place in a new area called the Fire Dojo, and this room is only accessible to paid members. In addition, you'll need to purchase a special amulet from the Martial Artworks catalog, which means you must already have earned your black belt and defeated the Sensei in the original Card Jitsu game to attain the rank of Ninja. Once you have your membership and your amulet ready, you're all set to play!

Getting to the Fire Dojo

The Card Jitsu fire game is played inside the new Fire Dojo room, which is inside the mysterious volcano that appeared inside Club Penguin this year. To get inside, you need to use a secret entrance found inside the Flying Flippers Emporium, also known as the Secret Ninja Hideout. Go there and click on the small door that appears on the left side of the room. Then a large door will appear on the left and you can go inside. Walk through that door, and you'll appear in the Fire Dojo.

Start Playing

To begin playing Card Jitsu Fire, you first go talk to Sensei, who is sitting in the very back part of the room. When you speak with him for the first time, he will give you some new Card-Jitsu cards to put in your deck. They are new cards that are added to the regular ones you already have. You can also add special cards when you purchase packs of Card-Jitsu cards at the store or at or other online stores.

There are many differences between the new Card-Jitsu game and the original. The most significant difference is that up to four players compete at the same time. And the rules are different. In this game, you start with 6 energy points and the goal is to be the last player with points left. The game moves forward with each player taking turns. On your turn, you click on the stones in the middle, which spin around and then the stone you clicked on turns over revealing a number. You can then move that number of spaces either to the left or the right. The space you land on determines the kind of round that is played. If you choose a water, snow or fire place then a basic round is played where every player plays a card. The player with the highest card of that type wins. The winning player keeps all of his energy and everyone else loses a single point. There are also wild card spaces on the board. When you land on one, you get to choose which kind of round to play fire, water or snow. Finally, there are Card-Jitsu spaces. If you land on these spaces, you choose any player to challenge in a normal round of Card-Jitsu. You also play a round of Card-Jitsu when you land on any space with another player already on it. In a normal Card-Jitsu round, the loser still loses a point, but this time the winner earns a point.

The winner of the game is the last player with any points. After the game ends, you earn some progress towards earning the special Fire Suit. The amount of progress towards each piece of the suit depends on what place you got in the game and how many people were playing. This suit comes in four different pieces, starting with the flame sandals. The first piece is easy to get and the other pieces each get much harder. Once you earn all four pieces and assemble the full suit, you can challenge Sensei to a round of Card-Jitsu Fire and try to win a special jewel that fits inside your amulet.