Finding the Best Litter for Your Cat
Credit: Clarita

     Finding the best cat litter can be a hassle for many pet owners. Finding the right one and shifting through the different types of cat litter can be quite the journey. However, for me, I knew I wanted something that was going to easier to clean up and this lead me to non-clumping and clumping litter. It took a bit of trial and error to find out what worked the best, but first I had to find out what the difference between the two kinds of litter was.

Non-clumping Cat Litter

     Non-clumping cat litter doesn't clump together. But, for me, this makes cleaning it up more difficult. For example, my cat loves to use the bathroom in one corner of her "bathroom" box and I usually "shift" out any "gifts" every 4 days or once a week if I’m too busy and forget. Well, while the "gifts" are easier to get out, the urine that is left in a corner is not.  I found that this makes it more difficult to get out the "used bathroom" area, thus leaving more of odor in the box.

Clumping Cat Litter

     Clumping cat litter is litter that will clump up or adhere to itself when the cat urinates on it or leaves “gifts”. I found that this litter worked the best for me because it was easier to clean up and I could get up the litter that was urinated on by my cat. My cat also adores this kind of litter. Overall, this kind of litter works great for my cat.

Is Clumping Cat Litter Dangerous?

     I’ve found that many people don’t really want to use clumping litter because it could be dangerous for their cats. This stems from cats and kittens getting very sick from a clumping agent in the litter. The agent is bentonite. Apparently, the cats and kittens would ingest the agent when licking themselves after getting the dust from the litter on themselves. I haven’t had this problem, but I believe that choosing a different type of clumping cat litter can solve that problem.

     Choosing the best clumping cat litter or the best non-clumping cat litter will all depend on your needs and wants. It can take a bit of trial and error at first and sometimes your cat will have a say in what you pick as well. However, I feel that it is all more than worth it to keep things comfortable for my cat and I.