Coenzyme Q10 is also known as ubiquinone and abbreviated as CoQ10. It is a natural compound found within the body that is produced by the pancreas, kidney, liver, heart. CQ10 helps with energy production and has many other benefits to the body. Over the last few decades research has discovered more of CoQ10 benefits.

As people age CoQ10 levels may decline in the body, however this can easily be remedied by taking supplements. Another reason why CoQ10 levels may be lower in people is that if they are taking prescription medication. Sometimes taking medication has led to lower CoQ10 levels. The good news is that supplementation is the best way to get CoQ10 benefits because only small traces are found from food sources, examples of which are beef hearts, chicken hearts, peanuts and spinach. Aside from spinach vegetarians are better off seeking CoQ12 benefits from supplements that can be easily found online from reputable manufacturers.

Other CoQ10 benefits include helping prevent heart failure, which is a pretty significant benefit. Other theories suggest that CoQ10 can act as an antioxidant, good for anti-aging, as it savages free-radicals. It is also good for treating weakened muscles, Huntington's disease, hypertension and even some cancers. Of course CoQ10 should just be a used as an additional supplement not a replacement for traditional therapies.

Moreover CoQ10 benefits people with chronic fatigue. Indeed chronic fatigue may be caused by lower levels of CoQ10. Supplementation is a good way to change chronic fatigue symptoms and even reverse the condition. The dosage given to patients under the study was 100 mg per day. Other claims of CoQ10 benefits include helping improve the conditions associated with people with diabetes, periodontal disease and deafness.

The best daily intake levels to get all the CoQ10 benefits is to take anywhere from 50-300mg per day depending on the person and condition. A nutritionist or doctor's oversight may be advised. There has been few side effects shown from CoQ10 even when taken in high dosages. Instead it seems that CoQ10 benefits the body overall and many different conditions.