The New Coach Boots Are Chic And Stylish

I remember the time that I first saw a pair of Coach boots. I was sitting in the DMV (what a place, I know), and a woman was wearing them. Actually, I noticed her boots because of the cute pattern, not because they were Coach. It took me a minute to look closely and see the Coach logo; that's how I knew they were Coach boots. I am familiar with this brand for handbags, but I never knew that they made boots. Maybe I'm a little bit behind the times, or just too busy, but once I saw these Coach boots, I thought they were so cute that I just had to have a pair for my own. I am not talking about Western style boots, or anything strange or leathery. These looked like rubber Coach rain boots, and they were quite fitting, considering the poor weather we were having. It was cold out, but the snow was beginning to melt, creating an icky and undesirable slushy mess everywhere.

What appealed to me most about these Coach rain boots is how colorful they were. Most adult rain boots are dark and drab, and are not the type of things you would even want to be seen wearing, no matter how bad the weather is. These colorful Coach rain boots were bright and cheery and bore the famous Coach logo all over them. Now, you're probably wondering how I didn't recognize the Coach logo if it was all over the boots. One, I am not a fashionista; I am not one of those people that can glance at a pair of jeans and tell you what brand they are. Two, I was sitting across from her at the DMV, not exactly optimal conditions to be observing fashion statements. And three, When you do check out these boots, you will see that the Coach logo is colored in with bright colors, which makes it look like a pair of boots with a bunch of big polka-dots on them. These boots were white with multicolor Coach logos all over them. I don't usually get excited about boots too easily, but these were particularly adorable, so I had to find a pair for myself.

The first place I checked was Macy's, and unfortunately, they were out of them. The girl who worked there knew exactly which Coach boots I was talking about and she told me that they were sold out. She blamed it on the weather, but I didn't buy it. I figured that plenty of people bought them just because they were cute, not necessarily as a direct result of our local weather. In hindsight, I probably should've asked the woman at the DMV where she got them from, but she seemed busy filling out paperwork and to be frank, I didn't feel like getting up and walking over to the other side of the room. I finally found these boots in another store and was not too disappointed at the price. They were about $115, and for Coach, that's really not too bad. Coach makes good quality items that can withstand quite a bit of abuse. My Coach bags are an excellent example of this phenomenon.

As anxious as I was, I decided to go online and see if I could find them cheaper. Sure enough, Amazon had some pretty great deals on them. I also found that there were a few other pattern options available which I like even better. They have a 1 inch heel to provide you a bit of lift from teh ground, and feel nice and thick. I am a sucker for black-and-white, and there were these cute monochromatic pixie rain boots available. Of course, I had to buy them, so I did. My only problem now is, when is it going to rain? I have to wait until it rains before I can wear my new Coach boots.

Coach Rainboots

These boots are stylish and practical.