As we all know, coaches today are very popular vehicles for travelling not only from town to town in your country, but for travelling abroad also. There are many advantages of the coaches that the other vehicles do not have.

Coaches are very comfortable for long way travelling because you can stop every time you want - it doesn't matter if you feel sick or you just want to take a deep breath. If you travel with airplane you will not be able to stop and have a rest from the long trip. Trains also don't have this advantage. They are not allowed to stop everywhere because they have schedules and must not be late.

If you want to go on holiday, the coach is perfect for this mission. You do not have to worry about the driver - whether he/she is tired, as you do if you travel with a car or even if it is your car. If you use your car to go on holidays you risk to travel all the time looking at the road only, without seeing anything else from the beautiful landscapes. Furthermore, you will be so exhausted that you will probably miss the walks during the holiday. Coaches allow you be free to do whatever you want. You may travel many hours, during which you will get so many expressions from the beauties of the world around. You can take pictures; you can sleep, talk or play in the coach. You have the total freedom to do whatever you want. And the best thing is that you are not alone there. You can take a group of people for your company during travelling. Even if you are alone, you will meet all those people on the coach and thus, you will find new friends. You can exchange information with them about the place you travel to and about many other experiences.

Travelling by coach, you will easily get to the place you want to. It is not necessary to feel uncomfortable for so many hours in the train, when you can catch the coach and have a nice trip.

The coach usually has a unique itinerary that allows you to see all the famous places of a given city - from its ancient monuments and castles to cafes and restaurants. The guide on the coach will tell you everything about the history of the given place. This will make your coach holiday more exciting and educational. It is always worth to learn new things about the world around.

Coach holidays (interesting to know is that the Danish term is busferie) are perfect for people who want to see different places, meet different people and learn different things about the most beautiful places in the world. It will always be pleasure for you to use coaches, if you have done it once.