As well as all the many vairants of the classic Ugg winter sheepskin boots, some retailers offer good alternatives if you've tired of the Womens Ugg boots, or find the price of womens Uggs to be too much to stomach.

I love Coach. They offer different, innovative designs, that come with bags of style and sophistication. While Coach shearling boots do not offer anything in terms of a price saving (starting from around $198), they do offer an alternative look, to ring the changes.

The Coach shearling boot ranges are: Coach Meyer Shearling Boot

Coach Meyer (2011 season): Meyer are this season's take on the Kally boot. A suede base and top sandwich a fabric panel of signature Coach 'C's, and a vertical suede strap. Available in Brown/Olive or Black.

Coach Prisilla (2011 season): Prisilla are a black patent padded snakeskin finish, with a fabric top with toggle adjuster and heavy rubber sole. These are like uber-posh wellington boots. A unique, practical and stylish choice for those really cold winter days. Available in black.

Coach Peggey (2011 season): These boots are wild! In black/multi or berry multicolor, they feature a padded fabric 'C' design tartan, with patent lace up panel at the front, patent tops and soles.Coach Teresa Shearling Boot If you want to stand out in a crowd, these are the boots for you.

Coach Teresa (2011 season): The Teresa is a long riding boot style, with a shearling and leather lining and shearling trim at the top. A very classic, timeless style of boot, available in brown or in black.

Coach Sydney (2011 season): The Sydney is a high-heeled bootie, short style, with a suede finCoach Sydney Shearling Bootish. Available in clay (pale caramel) or black, the boots feature a 4" heel and 1" platform sole. Lined with shearling and leather. These are a stylish and high-fashion bootie that you can be sure the celebrities will be wearing this winter.

Coach Nikole (2010 season): Coach Nikole was the brand's take on the classic Ugg boot. With a shearling lining and band around the top, the band could be folded up to make a longer boot. They also featured a classic 'Coach' brand around the heel, and the signature 'C' design fabric on the boot's outer.

Coach Kally (2010 season): Kally was last season's Meyer boot. A shearling top, suede upper and fabric 'C' design leg panel gave these the unmistakable Coach boot look, and made them one of last winter's best sellers.

If I were choosing one of this season's boots for style, it would be the Sydney. If it was for practical reasons, the Teresa or the Meyer would be my choice. However, in spite of that, my next boot purchase is still going to be from the Ugg store - I'm lusting after the Leather Ugg Kensington Biker Boot, which I'm hoping I get from Santa this Christmas!

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