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Coach designer handbags and purses are the ultimate must-have items for many women. The name Coach is synonymous with luxury and style. However, these bags don’t usually come cheap. However, there are ways to buy these purses for cheap, or at least, cheaper than you might otherwise pay.


Shop by price on the Coach website: On, when you click on a product line, you will have an option to select items by price range. You have several options for cosmetic cases under $100, and if you up the price range to $200, there are quite a few handbags and purses you can get at that range. Maybe $200 sounds rather steep to you, but authentic Coach purses can be considered a relative bargain at that price. One very elegant option in this range is the Sutton Signature Top Handle Pouch, which is currently available for $138.00 as a exclusive. Some of the other really elegant options in the under $200 range include:

  • The New Kristin Op Art Top Handle - $158.00
  • The New Poppy Dream C Glam Tote - $198.00
  • The Sutton Signature Swing Pack - $128.00
  • The Poppy Coated Canvas Graffiti Tote - $198.00

and many others. The bottom line is, there are plenty of Coach purses on sale  on their website at a price that won't break the bank.


Visit an Outlet Store: There are outlet stores where you can buy authentic Coach handbags at a significant discount. There may be an outlet close to where you live, but in many cases you may have to go a significant discount to find such a store. One disadvantage with Coach outlets is that sometimes they do not have a very extensive selection of purses, and the discounts they give are not all that steep. However, at least you are ensured that the Coach bag you are getting is authentic.


Find Coach handbags on sale on eBay: eBay is a great site to find discount designer handbags from many fashionable companies. The discounts can often be quite steep as you can also buy used Coach bags on eBay. A gently used handbag or purse can look as good as new, and can come at a 75% or higher discount. And even a brand new purse can come at a significant discount, sometimes for as little as a third of the original price. One thing you need to be cautious about is the potential for fakes or knock-off purses. However, eBay has taken steps to weed out unscrupulous sellers who might sell you a fake Coach purse. On the other hand, if you are looking to knowingly buy a knock-off at a discount, then you might do well on eBay. In any case, look at the seller ratings on eBay before buying from him or her. A reputable seller should have excellent feedback from customers, with an over 90% positive rating.


Coach purses for cheap

Check out the Coach store on : offers a huge selection of new and used Coach purses on sale. You can do a search by price on, just like you can on the main coach site. There are dozens of options available under $200, and even quite a few under $50. Just to give you an example, the Coach Signature Op Art Poppy Glam Shoulder Bag Purse Tote is an elegant product (see image) that is currently selling on for only $180 with free shipping.


In the end, even though Coach purses are the ultimate in luxury and style, there is no reason to spend a fortune shopping for them. Between outlet malls and online retailers, chances are there are coach handbags for sale that suit both your taste and your budget.