Coaching youth basketball comes with a lot of responsibility. I have heard countless stories about kids either being turned on to play the game of basketball and love it from their youth coaches. On the other hand I have heard of many players giving up the game because of coaches early in their young basketball careers. Every kid is going to be different and at a different skill level. It is the coaches job to help each kid develop as a player but also help them develop a lasting love for the game.

A good way to help the kids learn as well as help them enjoy the game is to use drills that are both fun and that help the kids improve. For example you can use games like dribble tag. This game allows the kids to work on their ball handling but it is in a game format. You can use regular basketball drills as well but make sure that you keep it fun and encourage the kids. Pick drills that challenge the kids but aren't so hard that it discourages them.

If the kids are not quite strong enough to shoot the ball all the way up to a ten foot hoop then either lower the hoop or encourage them to work on ball handling or passing. There is no point in practicing shooting if the kid is not strong enough to get the ball up to the rim with the right form, you are only developing bad habits. 

Teach the game to the kids even if it is only the basics. Just as it is easier for a child to learn multiple languages when they are young. If you teach them the basics of basketball when they are young. They will have a better understanding of the game when they are older. Teach them how to pass the right way, to dribble with right and left hand, how to cut, set screens, etc. It is your job as the coach to develop the basics of basketball at this early stage.

Remember that every child is different and learns in a different way. Find how to connect with each kid and help them to improve as a player while also enjoying the game. Do your best as a coach and don't be afraid to mess up. It will take trial and error to figure out what works and to become a good basketball coach. 

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