When it comes to designer purses for women, the brand name, Coach, should come to mind.  Coach has been making top-end designer handbags for women since 1941. Coach has several different lines of handbags, The one thing that they all have in common is that they will add to your already distinguished look. Here are some examples of Coach handbags and purses.



 Hamptons Weekend Stripe Medium Tote


Hamptons Weekend Stripe Medium ToteCredit: coach.com

 This is a fun handbag that is great for celebrating the springtime. Think about it, wouldn't you look distinguished carrying this bag down to the beach with your children in tow? This canvas tote features intricately detailed Vachetta trims and leather straps. Side snaps will also open if you find that you need extra room. Features of this handbag are a zip-top close with a fabric lining, an inside zipper. cell phone compartment, and a couple of multi-function compartments. This handbag is large enough that it can also serve as a tote for those short weekend-type trips!

New Hamptons Weekend Leather Medium Tote

hamptons weekend leather toteCredit: coach.com


This is one of those handbags that is just timeless. It is so distinguished and elegantly simple that it will never go out of style. This tote is assembled by hand with refine leather and has slender, vachetta handles and it sports a laser etched logo so everyone will know what brand of handbag you are carrying around!  This bag will be the perfect accent to your power suite. features of this handbag are a zip-top closure, fabric lining, a cell phone compartment, and a couple of compartments that can be used for most anything. Pictured here is the silver/black bag, but it also comes in pure silver and pure black.

Chelsea Leather Jayden Carryall

chelsea leather jayden carryallCredit: coach.com


This is another distinctive-looking leather carryall by Coach. It features chain-links that act as a transition from the purse to the contrasting colored leather straps. This is an all-around great handbag no matter what you do or where you plan on going! This handbag features an inside zipper, a cell phone compartment as well as a couple of multi-function compartments. Pictured here is the rose-colored handbags, but this one also comes in Bone, with Mahogany straps that looks really sharp as well.

Madison Patent Lindsey Satchel

Madison Patent Lindsey SatchelCredit: coach.com

This is a rather large handbag whose patent leather makes it quite shiny. This large, shiny bags promises to get you noticed! This bag features both 5 inch crop straps, as well as a longer strap for shoulder wear! It also has an inside zipper, cell phone compartment and a couple of multifunction pockets.


These are but a few of the more popular handbags that Coach has to offer. They actually make an entire lines of wallets, wristlets, shoes, and even watches and jewelry! What more can be said about Coach? If you want to be noticed, you owe it to yourself to go out and purchase one of these most distinguished and elegant handbags. Remember, you only live once, why not live well? So why not spend a little money on yourself, treat yourself to a Coach handbag today!

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