Is Coal Mining Safe For The Environment?

Many debates have raged over the last 20 years about the coal mining effects on the environment and whether it is safe.

There are always two sides to the coin. Whether or not you believe that the earth and its recourses are helping or hurting the pollution levels and health of its inhabitants has become one of question and argument.

Some people believe that the problems with coal and mining are destroying our eco-systems and ozone layer while others believe it is a bunch of nonsense.

What ever you believe about the effects of coal mining, we are going to give some pros and cons here that should give any person what they need to make an educated decision.


  • Economics – Coal is an abundant source of energy and it is well engrained all around the world as a leading source of fuel. It is easy to mine and process. It is safe to transport and is a proven source of energy. The economies of the world are always searching for cheap ways to heat and run homes and transportation, and with coal, it is possible.
  • Cost – The real cost of mining coal is minimal. Because the system for mining coal has been around forever and the machinery used to dig into the earth for the resource is abundant, which makes it cheap, the cost remains low. As long as the cost is low, than there is profit to be made and the demand continues.
  • Cleaner – It has been proven that coal burns cleaner than gasoline. Gasoline has become the major source for energy in our world and coal is trailing behind it. But coal has been proven to burn cleaner and safer than gasoline. It is also easier to store and less flammable. The effects on the environment from the mining are negligible compared to drilling for oil and the possibilities for disaster that have plagued us, i.e. the spills in the ocean.

Coal Mining Effects On The Environment: Is It Safe?Credit: Free Stock Photos


  • Health – When coal is taken from a mine, there is a mist that is thrown into the air and prolonged exposure to the mining from the machinery has been proven to cause health problems. Lung cancer and other illnesses are related to this process such as heightened levels of lead in the body and circulatory and respiratory problems.
  • Water Run-off – When mining coal, the run-off can be bad for the water. Many places around the world that have mined coal for long periods of time have shown such a rise in acids and bad compounds that they can corrode industrial machinery. The devastation that the water can cause the machines from the mining natural recourses is terrible.
  • Global Warming – Global warming happens when the radioactive energy leaves the mine where there is burning taking place and create a green house affect that keeps all the hot air in.  This causes the temperature to rise around the world and ice caps and other areas begin to melt. It also changes the climate and weather patterns change. This causes strange migratory issues and the earth is subject to further natural disasters and changes from the crust of the earth being disturbed as well.

Whether or not you believe in coal mining or not, hopefully these pros and cons will give you the information you need to make an informative decision on whether coal mining effects on the environment is safe. Please leave your comments below listed what decision you made about coal mining and the environment.