Coastal Scents 66 Lip Palette


Beautiful, vibrant colors
Very reasonably priced
Fast shipping


The lip palette colors can wear off quickly and need to be reapplied throughout the day.
The lip plumper burns!

Full Review

Coastal Scents is a popular online cosmetics company that sells a variety of different products. From finished palettes to fundamental ingredients that can be used for experimenting and creating makeup products from scratch, this company has something for everyone. Although their 88 Eye Shadow Palette kit is one of their most popular items, this review is going to focus on their lip color products.

Most of Coastal Scents lip color products are packaged similar to their eye shadow, meaning they are little pots of color in a black case. A lip brush is needed to apply the color. Like most of coastal scents products, the lip colors are very vibrant.

· 32 Lip Color Palette – Great starter palette if you want to experiment with various colors. This palette includes pinks, neutrals, reds, and browns…everything you need for everyday use or to wear out on the town.

· 66 Lip Color Palette – a palette for the more adventurous soul. It includes all the colors in the 32 palette, as well as some berry colors, blues, and purples. There is also a gorgeous bronze color that blends in beautifully over some of the reds. Note that the colors are a mixture of shimmer and matte.

· Lip Quads – not ready to commit to 32 or 66 colors? Then try Coastal Scent's lip quads. Each quad contains four colors in the same color family. Currently offered are Juicy Pink (pinks), Passion Berry (berry), Power Play (reds) and Sun Kissed (nudes/browns). The lip quads are firmer and go on more like a traditional lipstick than the lip color palettes. They also need to be applied with a lip brush.

· Coastal Scents Smacks lip gloss – a nice lip gloss that goes on smoothly and is not too sticky. Currently offered in 21 different shades that include corals, peaches, nudes, and browns. Some of the colors are highly glossy, some are matte, and some just have a touch of shimmer. Can be worn alone or over lipstick. Sponge tip applicator included. Each gloss can be purchased separately or all 21 colors can be purchased as a set.

· Pout 'In Perfect Lip Plumper – for anyone who doesn't know, a lip plumper is a product that is applied directly to the lips before any lip color or gloss is put on. For anyone who has ever used a lip plumper knows that there can be a burning/tingling sensation after applying. This product is no exception. Depending on the sensitivity of your lips, the burning will be a little or a lot. But the result is fuller-looking lips, and this product delivers. As the old saying goes, beauty is pain!

With the exception of the lip glosses, all of the Coastal Scent lip products need to be applied with a lip brush, which they sell at very reasonable prices. Get them while you can though, because they tend to sell out of brushes pretty quickly, especially when sold individually.

In Closing

Coastal Scents offers a huge assortment of lip color products at reasonable prices.