Coastline Apparition Band

Trip A E.P. Tracklist:

1). Shackles
2). Nina
3). Bitter Sweet
4). Deadpan

Coastline Apparition is frankly a fantastic up-and-coming act coming out of the heart of Los Angeles, California. While on the surface they may appear to be a standard rock act, their music is actually much more complex then this simple genre stereotype. For a 4-song EP, Coastline Apparition has shown a diverse style of musical talent and an ability to bend the genre norms to create a new style of music that has the potential to take off like a rocket and manage to blow a hole right through the moon itself. While it is difficult to determine what bands have inspired Coastline Apparition, is is apparent to me that individuals who like acts ranging from Rise Against and Alkaline Trio to more folk/punk based artists like East Coast favorite River City Extension will find this band to be a refreshing blend of their musical ideas without sounding at all like a rip off. In short, Coastline Apparition is paving a way for themselves in a variety of musical genres that are often bogged down with mediocrity.


Coastline Apparition touches on a variety of musical styles. One moment you may be hearing very engaging, yet standard, rock-and-roll stylings, then quickly afterwards the song may take a dynamic change is blow out into a full punk-rock styled chorus in the vein of bands like Rise Against. Additionally, the band takes inspiration and fuses riffs and melodies found in styles like the blues and folk rock as well; making for a very eclectic listening experience. I am also happy to say that this band has found a way to incorporate interesting guitar effects (like a wah pedal), and also feature the bass guitar on more occasions then most bands these days tend to as well. Their single "Shackles" is particularly notable because of how it blends such a range of music, with fantastic galloping guitar rhythms and high flying choral sections that instantly gets me up and on my feet (when I am not sitting here and writing a review, of course!). As such, I cannot deny that this band has a "pop" sensibility; but their music is interesting enough to warrent multiple listens and stand out from other artists that typically infultrate the mainstream.

Moving away from this general coverage of Coastline Apparition's sound, I must say that I love the mix and tonality of all of the instruments. It is really just spot on, and there is no a thing I would really change in any of these songs. The only major complaint I have is in regards to the chord progression featured in their track "Bitter Sweet," which feels somewhat contrived. Ultimately though, the track unfolds in such a manner that makes it more interesting then it originally appears; however I felt this was still worth noting as a relatively small flaw against this EP. Aside from this, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the tracks on this album. The track "Deadpan" is entertaining because of it's incorporation of classic rock/reggae styled verse riffs, and some simplistic choruses reminscient of most punk rock bands. All of these tracks flow from one to the next, maintain a good concept of who this band is throughout the EP, and undoubtedly provide for some excellent live concert content.

There is little I can complain about with regards to the sound of the Trip A E.P. Honestly, I would purchase this album twice without much hesitation to give to a friend of mine.


The vocals found on the Trip A E.P. by Coastline Apparition are perhaps some of my favorites found in music, especially from a style of music such as this. Without a doubt, the vocalist is very talented. He is able to sing and express the lyrics of these songs in such a great way, with vocals ranging from essentially yelled phrases (as is typical of punk rock), to a more melodic variety of singing as well. I cannot help but imagine this band being featured in a skateboard video, because the style is unique and yet very accessible.

The lyrics themselves are very meaningful as well, and never feel like they do not fit the atmosphere of the music. They are rather exceptional for the style of music as well. With flying choruses featuring lyrics like: "Shackles, Shackles/Get me out of these" one cannot help but be pulled into the songs and have an easy time singing along as well. In short, the lyrics to these songs are heart-felt and meaningful without feeling over the top or ridiculous in any way. The lyrics and music in general will undoubtedly appeal to your angst ridden teenagers, yet still be able to be respected by many musicians and older folks as well!


I thoroughly enjoyed Coastline Apparition's E.P. Trip A. In all honesty, I am not one to really listen to music in this style too frequently (with a few notable exceptions); however this band has converted me into a loyal follower without a doubt. They have renewed my hope for what punk rock styled music can be, and I imagine them gaining a lot of popularity in the times to come. Each track on this album is unique enough to make the listen very interesting and appealing, yet they are all similar enough as well to make this feel like a legitimate album to listen too. As is pretty evident, the Trip A E.P. has been gaining a lot of momentum in the underground Los Angeles music scene; and the band is actually currently at work on a full length album to be released in the future. I'd suggest checking out their music for yourself, and if you enjoy it consider purchasing the E.P. for yourself as well!


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