Coca Cola is the world wide leader in soda. It's such a refreshing drink, but actual coke apparel and collectibles have become hot items to purchase as well. There are plenty of Coca Cola collectibles for sale online. You can find Coke bar stools, clocks, lamps, rugs, glasses and plenty of other Coca Cola accessories that are available online for coke lovers to collect. There's something really special about Coca Cola collectibles. Not just because the drink itself is so refreshing, but the logo itself has become a staple of Coca Cola. Down below are some of the Coca Cola collectibles for sale online.

Coca Cola Clock

There are quite a few Coca Cola clocks that can be purchased as a collectibles. Vintage clocks are always cool collectibles. There's nothing like having a really nice old fashion clock for your home, or office, to keep track of time. Most Coca Cola clocks are vintage neon ones. The Coca-Cola Double Bubble Clock is one of the more expensive original vintage neon Coca Cola clocks out on the market. It's pretty expensive and goes for around $200 dollars at retail prices. If you shop online at amazon, you should find it going for sale for better prices. These are replicas of the double bubble clocks that were going around in the 1940's and 1960's. Double bubble clocks are by far the hottest vintage clocks to collect. The dial is features the original Coca Cola logo, with the word "drink" in yellow, and "in bottles" below the logo. The bezel is green.

Coca Cola Diameter Neon Clock

Trademark Coca Cola 14-Inch Diameter Neon Clock
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(price as of Oct 24, 2013)

If you're looking for a cheap vintage Coca Cola clock, then the 1930s Design is one of the more cheaper Coca Cola collectibles to find online. It's still a unique, stylish, and very recognizable coke clock to hang up in a rec room, or your office. The actual authentic logo is featured as the dial. The chrome gloss should blend in with your home decor. You can't beat these Coca Cola collectibles that are going for sale for low prices, while still providing a sophisticated quality to your home. Makes for a perfect gift idea for any Coca Cola lovers that you know of.

Coca Cola Bar Stool

Probably one of the more popular Coca Cola collectibles for sale online are bar stools. Bar stools are always in high demand, and make for cool collectibles for rec rooms, bars, and kitchens. If you want to go all out, then you can purchase the Ultimate Coca Cola game room combo. Two bar stools and a Coca Cola table is included. It is perfect for your rec room, or for bar owners to purchase as well. It's a collectible that features the Coca Cola classic logo in its bright red color. These are vintage tables and bar stools. Old fashion swivel chairs that features acrylic chrome on the chair and table legs. The Bar stool and table collectibles are going for sale online at If you're just strictly looking for a vintage bar stool, then the Edge Non Swivel Barstool Fat Pad is nice looking chrome steel framed bar stool, featuring the Coco Cola logo on its vinyl padded seat. It's going for a sale at heartland America

Coca Cola Pub Stool

Trademark Red Checker Coca Cola Pub Stool With Back, Red
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(price as of Oct 24, 2013)

Coco Cola Lights

Pool Table Lamps - Tiffany's provides the very best billiard lights out on the market. These are expensive, just like all Tiffany billiard light fixtures are. What makes them so expensive is their unique and classical stain glass designs. They're quite exquisite looking, and add some dazzle to your rec room, or billiards room. The Meyda Tiffany Coca-Cola Oblong KItchen Island Billiard Light is one beautiful looking Coca Cola collectible to purchase for pool lovers. These truly are one of a kind Coca Cola collectibles featuring a beautifully hand crafted design of the Coca Cola logo across the light fixture. The best place to buy for sale is online at tiffany lamp discounts. These are extremely expensive products. At retail is costs over a thousand dollars.

Meyda Tiffany 40"L Coca-Cola Oblong Pendant

Vintage Lamps - The Vintage 16 inch stained Tiffany Lamp is one of the cheap Coca Cola lamps to find out on the market. These perfect collectibles to use as your living room lamp. Very simple designed lamps, but very eloquent looking as well. These are handcrafted stained glass lamps with embedded Coca Cola classic features. You can purchase for sale online at sears. Prices are just slightly above a hundred dollars.

Trademark Coca Cola Vintage 16 Inch Stained Tiffany Lamp

Trademark Coca Cola Vintage 16 Inch Stained Tiffany Lamp
Amazon Price: $199.99 $149.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 24, 2013)

Other Coca Cola Collectibles for Sale

I'd check online at ebay and amazon for more Coca Cola collectibles for sale. Especially amazon, they always have great discounts going, and a large inventory of different collectibles available. The Kurt Adler Coca-Cola Can Light Set is a very cheap and unique collectible that's going for sale. It's perfect to hang up on Christmas trees. Bottle lights are also available. Some of other collectibles for sale online at amazon include a Vintage Mirror with a 1950's looking waitress. This would make a cool gift idea for your dad, or husband for Christmas. Amazon has quite a few posters, bar stools, and even an authentic drug store Coca Cola neon sign available. This would make for the perfect collectible for your rec room, bar room, or office.