Coca Cola coolers are very fashionable for Coca Cola lovers to purchase. Coke is the most refreshing soda worldwide. However, the Coca Cola vintage logo is just as popular as the drink itself. It has become a fashion icon, and a valuable collectible on numerous of different products, especially vintage coolers. Even those who don't enjoy the soda drink of coke still admire the one of a kind coca cola logo. No other beverage worldwide is as recognizable as the Coca Cola one. The logo has really become the symbol of its product, and has maintain its originality for over a hundred years. Nothing compares to the Spencerian script typeface that was developed in 1885 by Frank Mason Robinson. Vintage Coca Cola coolers are popular collectibles as well. Some vintage ones can be worth quite a bit of money. Down below are some of the best looking and highly recommended Coca Cola coolers for sale online.

Coca Cola Coolers for Parties

If you're throwing a party, and you need a good cooler to store a large portion of sodas, beers, or other beverages in, then the Coca-Cola Cooler Gets the Party Rolling is highly recommended. It's a vintage Coca Cola cooler that can store up to 48 cans of cold beverages. The vintage Coca Cola logo is featured, and the cooler is decked out in its original bright red color. A highly recommended cooler for parties, or for other outdoor festivities. Four legs are featured with caster wheels, making is very easy to move. Side handles are also featured. A bottle opener is also included on the side of the the cooler with a bin to collect the bottle caps. You can purchase for sale online at amazon.

Small Vintage Coca Cola Coolers for Sale

Picnic Coolers - This is the perfect vintage picnic cooler featuring the Coca Cola classic vintage logo. It is one of the more expensive small coolers for sale online. It's the replica of the original 1940s and 50s look. They're rust resistant and made with steel and aluminum for durability. It can store a six pack of soda or beer, and a few cold sandwiches. You can take your girlfriend or boyfriend on a romantic picnic, and put together a nice lunch. It will keep your beverages and foods cold and refreshing. A popular collectible that you can purchase for sale online at Prices are above a hundred dollars.


Classic Picnic Coolers - Coca-Cola

Classic Picnic Coolers - Coca-Cola
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(price as of Aug 25, 2016)

Koolatron Coca Cola Thermoelectric Fun Cooler and Warmer - This is a much more versatile cooler, which can also transform into a warmer for coffees, teas, or other snacks that require a warmer temperature. You can keep sodas cool up to 36 degrees. Warm snacks and hot drinks can be kept warm up to 149 degrees. It's the perfect cooler to take with you on fishing trips, camping trips, or any other outdoor activity where refreshments will be called upon. You can store up to a 12 pack of beer or soda in this cooler. It operates on 12V DC or 110V AC adapter.

Koolatron Coca Cola Thermoelectric Fun Cooler and Warmer

Koolatron Coca Cola Themal Electric Coooler / Warmer
Amazon Price: $119.95 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 25, 2016)

Coca Cola Coolers as Collectibles for Sale

The American Retro RP-15002 1930's Coca Cola Cooler Machine refrigerator is the original classic cooler to purchase. It's a collectible item, which is a replica of the famous 1930's Westinghouse Junior Coke Machine. These were commonly seen in Mom and Pop stores in the 30's. They're one of a kind antique Coca Cola coolers. They're obviously expensive and worth some money. The classic bottle opener is featured on the side of the cooler. The original "drink Coca-Cola" logo is featured, with the "ICE COLD" on the bottle of the cooler machine. One of the nicer Coca Cola collectibles to purchase. The antique cooler will store 80 cans of cold refreshing soda. It's rust and chip resistant as well. The insulation is made with foam, and the exterior is made with aluminum. It's going for sale online at cooler-store.

Coca Cola Mini Fridges

The Coca-Cola Cooler with Top Can Holder is a cheap 14 liter capacity cooler can holder, that will hold 12 cans of cold soda or beer. It's a portable mini fridge and very easy to travel with. A 110V adapter is used. You can take it with you for camping trips, boating trips, or use as your home personal beverage cooler. It's not expensive and its going for sale online for prices around $50 dollars. It's going for sale online at sport authority.