It is a given fact that you can never learn a language without the ability to hear.  If you were born deaf centuries ago then you would die deaf.  Cochlear Implant 1Credit:, today’s generation is totally different - it defies the limit of technology.  Experts from TUM (Technische Universitaet Muenchen) are investigating on how the brain process signals coming from the auditory nerve. They were able to come up with different advanced computer models in improving cochlear implant functions.

What is a Cochlear Implant?

A Cochlear Implant is a device used mostly in UK to help individuals with severe or profound permanent hearing loss.  With this, they have the ability to recognize sounds but not entirely cope with the sound of the human speech. Unlike the hearing aids, cochlear implant is directly connected to the auditory nerve with the use of electrical signals.  Since there are several types of hearing loss, the result may vary from one person to another.

Parents with deaf children should understand that they have a big responsibility on their child’s progress.  Early detection means better chance of making the cochlear implant works for them. You need to realize that you can do something about it this time since researchers have been doing a lot of things to improve one’s life to avoid certain limitations that has been there since birth.

How Does Cochlear Implant Works?

The microphone picks up the sound which is processed and converted to electrical signals and eventually transferred to the transmitter coil.  This time, the signals are being converted into radio waves to the implanted receiver which will be sent to a wire in the electrodes in the cochlea.  Once the electrodes receive the different signals, the electric waves fuel the auditory nerve to supply the sounds possible for hearing.

Cochlear Implant 2Credit: of the patients have cochlear implants on both ears, this way they can hear the sounds clearly.  This device is also ideal for adults who have lost their hearing through the years. Though one may have a hard time listening to music and recognizing exact human speak in a crowd altogether, somehow this is a great improvement than hearing nothing at all.

Hearing loss can greatly affect the overall life of an individual, and this is what cochlear implants are made for - to provide a quality of life everyone deserves. This is an advancement in science that you have to take advantage of.  This can give back the life you’ve lost or give you a new start. You won’t know the possibilities unless you do something about it.

The possibility of losing your hearing can be devastating, but there are lots of opportunities offered to you today.  Early detection will lessen the risk of totally losing your hearing ability. As much as possible, protect your hearing by avoiding loud noise for more than 5 hours. According to WHO (World Health Organization), permanent hearing loss mostly occurs due to noise exposure which is avoidable.  If you feel you are at risk of losing your hearing, visiting your doctor will help you verify what solutions can be made.