Cocktail dresses are meant to be the very definition of sexy and no matter who you are you should feel and look sexy while wearing one. If you always feel a little lost when out on the hunt for the perfect dress don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. Many women with curves don’t know where to start when looking for formal wear.  There are some simple steps and tips for you to follow if you’re a full figured woman to insure that your cocktail dresses make you feel your best and sexiest.

Velvet Cocktail Dresses

Though this may not be the cloth you want to wear in the middle of summer it works great for winter cocktail dresses and looks fabulous on all body shapes. This fabric has a natural tendency to hug the right places and fall in a flattering manner. The jewel tones it often comes in are fantastic for complimenting a woman’s figure. When selecting the best cocktail dresses you definitely should consider slimming colors and the varying shades that this fabric comes in are perfect for just that.

The Key To Cocktail Dresses Can Be In The Cut

The best tip for cocktail dresses that will flatter a woman who has more curves is to consider the cut or style of the dress. Enough can’t be said about how fantastic empire waists will look on a woman with curves. Think about wearing cocktail dresses that dip in the front in a tasteful way that enhances and brings attention to your cleavage or have long flowing skirts. It is also important to make sure that you get a proper fit. Don’t try to squeeze in something smaller than what you normally wear and don’t try to hide in a baggy dress.

Cocktail Dresses That Are Retro

Classic and stylish; you ca not go wrong wearing fashions from the fifties or sixties. These will look fantastic on the full figured lady. Don’t be afraid to show off your beautiful curves in some of these elegant cocktail dresses that are a blast from the past. Make sure to wear great accessories with this ensemble as it will create a fantastic overall look. Don’t forget to take the time to put thought into the shoes you’ll be wearing with your cocktail dresses, either. Cute, strappy sandals are usual hits as well as shoes that have chunky heels.

Consider What Is Underneath

There is a definite benefit to making sure that you have quality undergarments on. They need to fit correctly. A bra shouldn’t create lines or bulges in your outline. It should help to create a smooth line and support you while providing comfort. This will go also for underwear. Make sure you have support but not something that is constricting creating lines in the wrong places. You can buy the best dress but ruin the look if you don’t have proper support under it.  Don’t be afraid to go for something sassy and satin as it will help you feel great while you are having a fantastic time wearing your cocktail dresses.