The designs for contemporary cocktail tables have come a long way in the last few decades. Luxury, or at least what appears to be, is now available to middle and even lower class incomes. But few have the daring experimental personality that would allow them to bring modern design into their home. Even fewer have the personality to put such design in a place that is the focal point of social interaction. A contemporary cocktail table is the perfect piece of furniture to release your inner trendsetter. There are an infinite array of cocktail tables being manufactured, but all can be separated into two function categories; high tables, and low tables. High tables are typically used specifically for social events where people will be standing. Low tables are typically placed in a room with seating designed for casual gatherings.

What do they look like?

You can get really creative when searching for a contemporary cocktail table. You know that people will be frequently glancing at it when they go to take a sip of their drinks or grab some hors d'oeuvres so you can explore tables with more detail and extravagant features that you specifically want people to notice. Designs can get extremely abstract. They can be made of glass, steel, wood, with most being a contorted mixture of all three. Most glass cocktail tables leave a room with a feeling of more space and cleanliness. Some glass tables have intricate steel supports such as twisting steel pinnacles or a simple metallic sphere or bean shaped support pillar. When getting a wooden table you need to take the overall environment of the room into consideration because there are so many colors and variations. They can look simple or densely complex. For example a low contemporary wooden cocktail table that is designed to look like several boxes welded together may serve better as the focal point in a room with more space and less furniture density. Wooden coffee tables tend to suit a room with flooring over a carpeted room, especially if placed over a rug. 

Accessories for Contemporary Cocktail Tables

If you really want to impress company, make sure to have the appropriate accessories to go with your contemporary table. Keep in mind that glasses, napkins, plates, bowls, trays, coasters, candles and candle holders can all be made to suit your cocktail table thus giving you even more opportunity to flaunt your creativity and style. If you are holding a special event, you may want to consider adding lights to a high contemporary cocktail table. Illuminating your table can turn an already interesting table into a piece of art that your guests wont be able to take their eyes off of. By placing a light underneath the table projecting upwards, you can accentuate all of the features of the table and change the mood of the entire room. If you have a glass top you may want to consider colored lights. They will also change the color of the glass allowing you to have full control of the mood of the room. Adding lights to a wooden contemporary table will illuminate the floor beneath it, putting the table in a spotlight. Lights can make a standing contemporary cocktail table really come to life if the support pillar has a metal texture. You can position the light to make it reflect off of the metal surfaces  on to the walls and floor and change the rooms dynamic entirely.

Keeping your Contemporary Cocktail Table in Good Condition.

If you want your contemporary cocktail table to stay in good condition, it wont take to much extra work. Just make sure that you have coasters readily available for guests. With wooden cocktail tables, don't let spills sit for too long on the surface. Some wooden tables have a removable glass surface that is easy to clean, and still allows you to have a wooden texture as the surface of your table. Don't place heavy objects on the table for they are not designed to carry the weight and you also run the risk of scratching the surface.

Where you can buy a Contemporary Cocktail Table

You can purchase a contemporary cocktail table a local modern furniture gallery. You may come across one a department store such as Sears or Ikea as well. Here you will likely find a price range of $300 to $600 for a new contemporary cocktail table. Foshan Weichi Glass Furniture Factory and Bazhou City CDIY Furniture Factory are both wholesale chinese modern furniture manufactures who have a large and beautiful selection of contemporary cocktail tables that can be as low as $100 and up to $300 new. 

Do your best to try and visualize how a cocktail table you may potentially want will look inside the chosen room. You may have to do a bit of experimenting when buying a table because the designs can get so unique that it can be difficult to find one that fits the room well. But keep an open mind. A contemporary cocktail table that you may not like at first may be your favorite feature of the room if you give it time.