Cocoa butter, an edible vegetable fat made from cocoa beans, is used in numerous commercial and homemade skin care products, including moisturizing lotions. Cocoa butter lotion helps complexion problems by soothing, moisturizing and increasing the skin's elasticity. It's use can help lessen the appearance of many different skin problems including acne scars. In addition, cocoa butter improves dry skin, reduces wrinkles and makes stretch marks less noticeable. Here are some ways to use cocoa butter to help your complexion:
  • Dry Skin – Cocoa butter lotion is one of the best natural moisturizers for dry skin of all kinds, from chapped lips to dry, cracked feet. Rubbing the lotion into the affected area regularly, at least twice per day, will produce results in a matter of days. Cocoa butter heals flaky, peeling skin by sealing in moisture and reduces itchiness and irritation.
  • Acne Scars – Although nothing can get rid of acne scars completely, cocoa butter lotion helps complexion by making scars much less noticeable over time. The moisturizing properties in the cocoa butter soften the skin and plump the area around the scars, making them harder to see. Use the lotion twice daily for as long as necessary to see results.
  • Wrinkles – When used on a daily basis, cocoa butter lotion can help minimize fine lines and wrinkles. While it may not completely obliterate severely deep wrinkles, it can make them less noticeable over time.
  • Stretch Marks – Perhaps cocoa butter's greatest claim to fame, the substance has the ability to not only reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but also prevent them from occurring by increasing the skin's elasticity. Use the lotion up to three times per day during pregnancy or weight gain/loss to prevent stretch marks altogether. If they're already present, use cocoa butter lotion to lessen their appearance. Make sure to massage the lotion into the affected area for three to five minutes when using for stretch marks, so it can thoroughly penetrate the skin.
Cocoa butter lotion helps complexion and it's safe to use for almost everyone, including pregnant women, children and individuals with sensitive skin. People who are allergic to cocoa or related products should not use cocoa butter lotion, however, as it may cause a reaction that damages the complexion. If you aren't sure, rub a small amount of the lotion into your forearm and wait 24 hours. If the skin looks normal, you aren't allergic, but if you notice redness or swelling, you may be sensitive to the product. This happens rarely, but if you have a history of being sensitive to skin care products, use caution.