You are here probably because you want to know whether coconut milk in coffee is a good idea. There isn't any certainty but it's a thing definitely worth trying. After a few tries you're going to be sure whether coconut milk in coffee satisfies your needs. Before starting your experiments there are a few things you probably would like to know about this issue.

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Health and nutrition issues

If you are a vegan or you simply are looking for a non-dairy milk alternative you have just found it. Coconut milk is a dairy free milk replacement worth trying out. Because it's a dairy free trait it's also a good alternative for those of us who are lactose intolerant. Of course your taste buds must also accept this product as a replacement. There is no point drinking coffee with coconut milk if you truly hate the taste. I'll cover that topic in more detail later in the article.

Another nutrition related issue is the amount of carbohydrates and sugar in coconut milk. It has about 0.8 g of carbs in 15 g table spoon which is a similar value to the cow's milk carbohydrates amount. In contrast to the cow's milk not all coconut milk carbs are based on sugar – some of them are dietary fiber. Because of that coconut milk contains about 30% less sugar than regular milk. If you are interested in accurate values you can visit[842] to check them.



You might not care about any health or nutrition related issues and just want to satisfy your taste buds, that's fine. You can be bored to death with the usual coffee with milk taste and in this case coconut milk might be a yummy alternative. You might decide to use it as a replacement or use it just occasionally. The mentioned product should provide you with a light coconut taste with which you might fell love in.

There is another thing about the coconut milk taste that you should be aware of. The taste varies between different brands so if you would dislike coffee with coconut milk produced by brand X it doesn't mean you shouldn't buy coconut milk ever again. On the contrary – you should try out another brand's milk, maybe it'll satisfy your taste buds. Besides, some producers even offer flavored coconut milk [843]. However, if you hate the taste of the last four different producers products you have tried you probably won't become fond of any other brand's product.

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If you're wondering how much coconut milk you should add to your coffee to achieve the best taste unfortunately I don't have the answer, no one does. Some people like to add two tablespoons of it, others might add one fourth of the cup. You should try many different amounts to find your favorite. Nevertheless some people won't like adding coconut milk to coffee instead of the regular milk or cream and I won't try to convince them to do that. If you've tried it and loved it – that's great news, if you hated it – that's also great news, you have tried it yourself instead of assuming your probable reaction.


In the end I've got some great recipes for coconut milk coffee for you:

Coconut iced coffee [844]

Coffee with coconut milk (shredded coconuts included!) [845]


Wrap up

Coconut milk is a great alternative to regular cow's milk in coffee because of many reasons mentioned above. You can use it because of the health or nutrition reasons, or just to diversify a little your usual coffee taste. You must know that some people won't like the taste coconut milk provides and it's fine – you should try it a couple of times yourself to discover whether you like it, or not.