How Can Coconut Oil Do You Good???'s a few things out there

This super food has always had links to several benefits. Like avocado or pomegranate, it is pumped fill of nutritional value in the form of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

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          All those factors are preserved in coconut oil, which you can buy at most stores. 

          Yes sir, you heard me right. Coconut Oil. It is edible, has flavor, and has many benefits to the body. It has had links to preventing several diseases. Cancer and diabetes among those. This isn't a cure, but it is supposed that many of these results come from its rather high level of Lauric Acid. 

So How Does It Actually Do You Good?

5 Benefits:  

  1. Improving cognitive function:

-        Aids in the ability to concentrate, focus, and learn

     2. Increasing Energy:

-        It is high in saturated fats, which does give you energy.

     3. Promoting Weight Loss:

-       The Lauric Acid helps boost your metabolism, aiding in weight loss. 

     4. Preventing Diabetes/Cancer:

-       More theory than proven. I won't lie about this one, though its low sugar levels may aid the diabetic in terms of "eating right."

     5. Reducing Inflammation of the Joints:

-       As an Immunity Boosting substance, it aids it preventing future inflammation of the joints, as well as associated pain.


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     They've also said it reduces your risk for Heart Disease. However, the list goes on and on. Here's some other more commonplace benefits of coconut oil.  

          As A Moisturizer:  

-        Yup, it works on your skin to keep it as smooth as a piece of polished marble. It's useful for those with dry skin problems, as one may so often encounter in summer months.

          The Scalp (shampoo, body wash):

-        Its used to keep your scalp clean, refreshed, and even, possibly, clear of dandruff if this is a problem of yours.

           To Consume:  

-         Okay, so people cook it with food to give it a faint coconut taste and it's believed that it does the body a great deal of good. The Truth, though, is that it is rather high in saturated fats. So don't overdo it. I suppose that is a fair statement. Not that it's high enough spoil a diet, but if you're careful about what you put in your body, you can decide what outweighs what (nutritional components and acids v fatty content...hmm).

          Its an excellent ingredient in the frying pan, if you want to add a punch of flavor to your meal. It does not easily break down into trans fats! 

          Texture-wise, it's a pasty substance that, if you put in the fridge, you probably couldn't get a fork or finger in there. Hence why many people use it while cooking certain foods. A flavor/health supplier. 

           A brief statement about Lauric Acid: it is converted once inside the body. The substance then fights off infection, bacteria, and all sorts of viruses by aiding in breaking them down. It has even been shown to defend against HIV and other sickness. 

          It is very clear, the ongoing effects of this are positive toward your health and lifestyle. Also, what's even better is its taste. Some people use it as a healthy alternative to butter on bread and other things and except for its fatty content there are no forseeable downsides to doing just that.