Tender coconut water is undoubtedly the world's safest natural soft drink according to Ayurveda. Popularly known as "Ilaneer" in South India, this drink is considered the best for its cooling and immunity power building properties. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this thirst-quencher rejunevates the body and mind.

One of the richest sources of electrolytes and high in chlorides and potassium, coconut water enables nerves and muscles to function properly and regulates fluid levels within the cells. It is the most natural way to stay hydrated and increase energy and vigour.

Coconut water is a drink for all age groups and for the entire family too. It is a sure cure for dehydration among children and adults alike. When your kids are thirsty, give them ample coconut water - this drink for all times and ages is truly delicious! It can also help infants suffering from intestinal problems.

Make tender coconut water your daily drink. It is the most refreshing, nutritious, cooling and therapeutical drink - the "water of life".

Drink tender coconut water. Your healthy, tasty energizer: Because it is naturally sweet and fat free - no preservatives or added sugars - just naturally packed goodness

The delicate aroma, pure and fresh taste and the health benefits of this drink make every sip truly heavenly. Moreover tender coconut contains the delicious, soft kernel which is tasty to eat and does not contain fat. Rinsing and cleaning the face regularly with coconut water makes pimples disappear and leaves the face glowing.