Coconut water health benefits are numerous. As this beverage has recently grown in popularity, you might wonder, is this really good for you? Is it just media hype? Is it just a fad?

First, coconut water is a much better alternative than soda or juice. Soda and juice (yes, even orange juice!) contain immense amounts of sugar, which will cause insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a condition that will lead to diabetes. One of the reasons why diabetes has become such a predominant disease of America is because of the increased consumption of sugar.

Coconut Water Health BenefitsCoconut water (CW) does not contain nearly the amount of sugar that juice or soda contains and still tastes great! The juice comes from a green coconut, which means that the coconut is still young. Though it tastes best fresh from a coconut, you can still buy it from your local grocery store or gas station. Keep in mind thatsomebrands taste better than others. I have found that C2O CW tastes the best out of all the other brands I’ve tried.

So what are the benefits of drinking it?

CW is high in electrolytes. You’ve probably heard of electrolytes from Gatorade and you know that’s a sports drink. This means CW is great to drink when you’re exercising- many call it nature’s sports drink. It’s high in potassium (potassium is one of the three most common electrolytes- potassium, sodium and chloride). Electrolytes are crucial in the optimal function of your muscles and nervous system. If you have to drink something while you’re exercising, pick CW over Gatorade. Though Gatorade contains electrolytes, it also contains synthetic chemicals and also is loaded with sugars so that they taste good.

Coconuts also contain cytokinins which are known for their anti-aging properties. Cytokinins promote cell division. This basically increases your skin and eye health.

In the end, of course I would recommend “nature’s sports drink”! However, be careful- if you are a diabetic or are watching your weight, do not be drinking it in extreme quantities. One can of C2O CW contains 22 grams of sugar, which is a fairly high dose.  I would limit yourself to about one can a day. If you are active and you regularly exercise, you should definitely use it as a post-workout source of carbohydrates.

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