Before I start going into the coconut water nutrition facts and its respective health benefits, I think it is best you know exactly what coconut water is...

So what is Coconut Water? -'Coconut water' is the given term that describes the naturally nutritious and rather clear looking liquid that comes out of young and healthy (and rather green looking) coconuts, often to get this liquid the coconuts will be so young they are still hanging from the coconut tree. Also be sure not to confuse coconut water with coconut milk.

In order to get to the actual coconut water, the young green coconut must first be cracked open and then the water is found within the centre, to get access to the water a cavity can be formed. The taste, with no added ingredients, has a rather 'metal' flavor to it, the taste will obviously be different for the brands who have added ingredients to it and flavourings.

The Potential Health Benefits of Coconut Water - Coconut water is often described as one of the most natural and healthiest sources of liquid that can be formed by nature. To gain the best results, some advise that coconut water  be drunk on a daily basis. (If it is good enough for Madonna? )

  • Power of prevention - there are numerous claims that coconut water has the potential to prevent kidney stones, and as it contains 'antiviral properties' it acts to improve the immune system, which can hence then prevent a whole range of numerous illnesses. 
  • Reduces the amount of oil on Skin and Hair - can act as a natural moisturiser that decreases the effects of excessive oil upon the face that can be a cause of spots and blackheads, it can also be used to decrease the effects of oily hair by mixing it with your shampoo.
  • Contributes towards weight loss - due to the naturally packed electrolytes that are within coconut water they help boost your body's metabolism, therefore help you burn those extra calories.

The list literally goes on and on, it can act as a 'better' replacement for the sports drink due to it being naturally packed with vitamins and nutrients, there are claims of it improving your digestive issues and so on. (Go to the bottom of the article to find out, how to find more health benefits for coconuts).

Nutrition Facts for Coconut Water - (The following Nutrition Figures have been quoted from the Wikipedia page  [347]  for 'coconut water' which is sourced from the USDA Nutrient Database , to gain more studies on the nutritional facts of coconut water, be sure to check out sites such as 'Self Nutrition Data' and 'Calorie Count').

In a 100 grams worth of Coconut Water you can find:

Energy: 79 kj (19 kcal)

Carbohydrates: 3.71 grams (sugar: 2.61 grams and dietary fibre: 1.1 grams) - here a potential negative of coconut water is that a large amount of  the calories come from sugar just over (70%).

Fat: 0.2 grams

Protein: 0.72 grams

Water: 94.99 grams

Other points to note are: coconut water is pretty low in cholesterol, and that it acts as a relatively good source for  that of vitamin C, riboflavin and as a source for calcium, also that it is a particular strong source of dietary fiber, magnesium and potassium. 

Note: That drinking too coconut water can cause a 'laxative effect' but is said to be safe for anyone to drink.

Where to Buy Coconut Water? - There are few online sites that offer coconut water such as Amazon's grocery store where they are storing coconut water from a whole range of different brands, currently the most popular coconut water drink appears to be that of the ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water - Chocolate Pack of 12.

There are also sites such as 'VITA Coco' and 'O.N.E' that you can buy the coconut water straight from their website, be sure to check out for coconut water being stocked at your local supermarket retailer also.

To find out more about Coconut water nutrition facts and health benefits be sure to read books such as 'Coconut water for Health and Healing' and 'Coconut Cures: Preventing and Treating Common Health Problems with Coconut'.