When we think of coconuts, the next thing that usually comes to mind is a tropical island getaway. True enough, coconut trees are rife in the tropical regions; a welcoming sight planted along sandy beach strips. Coconuts, however, symbolizes more than just a summer holiday. It is also known as a symbol of health.

In tropic countries, coconuts are a part of people’s daily diet. The edible part, called the endosperm, can be eaten raw. Dried endosperm or “copra” is used to produce coconut oil or milk. Coconut oil is used in cooking, while oil and milk are widely used in cosmetic products. On the other hand, coconut water or the clear liquid within the coconut is served as a refreshing drink. It can also be processed to produce alcohol. Aside from being a popular beverage, coconut water comes with a number of health benefits, too.

Learn more about the health benefits of coconut water below.

coconut waterCredit: Wikimedia CommonsCredit: Wikimedia Commons

Replenishes Hydration Levels

During exercise, our body loses a significant amount of water. Because water serves as a regulator of body temperature, there is an immediate need to replenish it. This is where isotonic drinks come in—a beverage which contains electrolytes that help body hydration. With the popularity of commercially-made isotonic drinks, only few people know that coconut water is also a natural isotonic drink. In fact, it is called “nature’s sports drink.” 

Boosts the Immune System

Coconut water is said to contain high levels of lauric acid which strengthens the immune system. Lauric acid is one of the most important substances that can improve our body’s defense mechanism with its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Lauric acid can also be naturally found in breast milk, protecting newborn babies from disease and infection. For adults, drinking eight ounces of coconut water daily ought to do the trick. 

Aids Metabolism

The secret to healthy metabolism is not a synthetic pill but the all natural coconut water. Coconut water has the ability to speed up metabolism because of medium-chain fatty acids called triglycerides. They can slow down the digestion of food, helping you feel full satisfied after every meal. As a result, you will no longer have sporadic cravings which can only have negative effects on your metabolism. Also, coconut water prevents blood sugar fluctuations, eliminates a condition of that triggers weight gain called candida, and is excellent for detoxification. 

Keeps the Urinary System in Shape

As a natural diuretic, coconut juice regulates urine flow. Drinking more coconut water elevates the rate of urination, thus decreasing chances of bladder infections or cystitis. Increased urine flow can also mean that kidney stones are less likely to form, and it can also assist in getting rid of existing stones.

A Substitute for Human Blood Plasma

Medical supplies were scarce during World War II and the Vietnam war. Wartime medics had to find natural alternatives to treat wounded soldiers. It was during this period that coconut water as a substitute for human blood plasma was discovered. Coconut water has the right electrolytes and is isotonic to human blood, which is mainly why war medics used it for plasma transfusions. Until today, coconut water is used as a substitute for standard IV units.

Other Coconut Water Nutrition Facts

Aside from what was previously mentioned, coconut water contains more vitamins and minerals that help our body in several different ways. Don’t let its light consistency fool you. Coconut water actually has more minerals than water; calcium, iron, manganese, potassium and zinc are just some of the many minerals present in this natural juice. Coconut water is also a very good source of B-complex vitamins and ascorbic acid. 

The coconut tree would not be called “the tree of life” for nothing. Know more about what coconut water and other coconut products can do for your health today.