It may not be a surprise for some people that there’s a Coco’s Bakery Restaurant located near downtown Rialto, California.  The people in charge of all the restaurants make a point of providing a wholesome atmosphere for families to come and enjoy a delicious meal.  Well, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but that’s what it seems like after going to one of its franchises.  I went to Rialto, which is about 45 miles east of my place of residence, for the first time in August 2011.  My friends and I had our first experience with that particular Coco’s.  We left the place with positive remarks about the food and the server.

Downtown Rialto is 54 miles east of plethora of skyscrapers in close proximity in downtown Los Angeles.  Rialto is in San Bernardino County, which is a semi-arid desert next to the Los Angeles Basin.  Before it reached its current total population, numerous of people from Los Angeles would drive by the city to travel to and from Las Vegas, a prominent destination to have fun for at least one night.

Coco’s Bakery Restaurant in Rialto

I felt the interior design of Coco’s Bakery Restaurant in Rialto on 1683 South Riverside Ave. was pleasant.  I am unable to think of any other unique word to describe it.  It just looks nice (worthy to come back and see it again).  It didn’t had any glamorous furniture, designs, or artwork.  The most important aspect of the restaurant is the cleanliness and sanitation of it.  This particular Coco’s was perfect from my point of view.  I only went to the men’s restroom, and that was clean.  The tiles on the floor near the urinal didn’t had any liquid on it.  I actually don’t recall if there were any drops.

My friend I went out to Coco’s Bakery Restaurant on a Sunday afternoon at around 1:00 PM.  My friend’s mother also went.  No, it didn’t seem like she was the third-wheel.  After spending that Sunday with them, I finally felt my friend’s mother is also my friend, my compadre.  All three of us went to Coco’s only because at a different eatery we went only minutes ago, my friends weren’t fond of waiting for a server to inquire us what we like to drink.  Also, the drinks were taking too long to arrive to appease my friends.  I followed my companions out of the previous restaurant before one of its employee came to our table with our drinks.

Ordered Food From Coco’s Bakery Restaurant

Six Cheese Ravioli

I noticed that Coco’s Bakery Restaurant had some healthy choices on their menu as I was looking at it.  Their pies definitely should not be consumed if a healthy diet needs to be taken seriously.  I’ll get to those delicious, mouth-watering pies later on.  But, I must tell you that they place some on a counter next to the cashier register for everyone to ogle at.  My friends didn’t order any healthy entrees.  One companion ordered a dish called Six Cheese Ravioli.  The other one, who loves to eat steak, ordered a prime rib.  Both dishes looked good to me.  My amigas didn’t complained about their dishes.  Thus, they were satisfied with their order.  They ended up placing some of their food in take-out boxes for them to finish eating at home.  

The prime rib was ordered with green vegetables.  I don’t remember what kind of vegetables they were.  Anyways, those also looked good and they helped the prime rib dish look appetizing.  The vegetables didn’t neither look soggy nor old.

Crispy Green Bean Sticks

The friend who ordered prime rib stated the restaurant looks like a place for elderly people.  I did see a walker inside the restaurant next to a table.  That friend also ordered an appetizer called Crispy Green Bean Sticks.  That dish was scrumptious as the three of us slowly finished eating it by taking a piece at a time with a dressing dip.  I wished I didn’t had to share it with others.  I even had to stop myself from eating too much of it since I didn’t order it.

I almost forgot to mention the free pieces of bread that was served.  All three of us munched on them as we waited for our dishes to be served to us.  It was the bread was very good. They included some butter for us to enjoy.  The color of the bread was dark brown.  

Gourmet Mushroom Veggie Burger

I’ve been having some troubles for a while now with the congenital heart defect that I have.  It is more pertinent now for me to eat healthy food if I want my heart to continue be in good shape.  I was just treated not long ago for irregular heartbeat that caused me to experience blackouts.  Hence, I ordered a healthy dish called Gourmet Mushroom Veggie Burger.  Moreover, I ordered vegetables on the side instead of taking an unhealthy choice for me to eat.  The food that I ordered was very good.  It helped that I love to eat mushrooms.  I felt the tasty dish that I chose was like a salad with hamburger buns in it.  The buns on my burger were very good; it wasn’t similar to the generic white ones that I always see.  It helped that they weren’t soggy from juices oozy out.  These particular buns were different in a good way.  They had some pieces of wheat that you would find on uncooked oatmeal on them.  hus, it tasted differently that satisfied my hunger.  I was hungry since I avoided breakfast earlier in the day.  I wasn’t hungry at that time.  Lastly, the hamburger was very thick for my small mouth.  A lot of the insides fell to the plate after I took out the toothpick holding all the ingredients together.  

BLT Wedge Salad

Now, here’s another worthwhile story involving another friend eating at Coco’s Bakery Restaurant in Rialto, California.  Since I damaged my car in June, I decided to depend on someone to drive me all the way to Rialto for my friends’ housewarming party.  My female friends and I have another special companion to count on.  He went to Palm Springs for hours of fun in the sun while staying at a resort with his other friends instead of joining the party with barbeque food.  He’s the one that drove me to Rialto and to my home the next day.  This companion decided to go to the same Coco’s restaurant that we went just by himself.  That’s how much he enjoys eating at a Coco’s.  I didn’t even previously knew that.  Anyways, he ordered a salad plate called BLT Wedge Salad, which he happily enjoyed.

Peach Pie

Now I’m back to the best part - pies.  My male friend apparently went to Coco’s because he loves their pies.  He ordered a peach pie to go so he can share it with everyone else in the two-story house when he came to pick me up.  A total of six people enjoyed a piece of that delightful pie.  In my opinion, it was very good since it had peach in it.  The crust was also very delicious.  The cream was soft and sweet.  I love to eat foods that are sweet.  I dislike spicy food.  It is not as easy to please the buyer of the pie as it is to me with food.  He is more willing to attempt avoid going to some eateries that don’t cook food or bake goods the way he would like them to.  Thus, whenever he likes food that he has eaten, then the chefs did an exceptional job of creating fantastic food for him to enjoy.

Coco’s Bakery Restaurant in Rialto, California didn’t had any complaints from my male friend. That’s why I concluded he was happy with both the wedge salad he ordered and the service he received.  He is a person that won’t mind complaining about his feelings for a restaurant.  

Write a review of this particular Coco’s location at Google Places instead at Yelp.  The restaurant is listed at Coco’s Restaurant and at the time of writing this, there’s only review anyways.  

Downtown Rialto

As one of my female friends drove a little bit around downtown Rialto during the afternoon, the first thing I noticed was all the buildings were only one-story high.  I am used to seeing some commercial buildings in Los Angeles County being more than one-story high.  The county that I live in also have one-story buildings that were quite tall due to extra constructions worked on the roofs. The downtown portion of Rialto does have a feel of a small-town.  It has a lot of buildings, but it doesn’t have a mass of tall buildings.

I am sharing my Google map that includes three points of interest in Rialto.  

By looking at the list of small businesses on Rialto Downtown Business webpage -, I sense that Riverside Ave. is the main street that comprises of the city’s downtown area.  On Google Map, “Downtown Rialto” is listed at the intersection of Riverside Ave. and Rialto Ave.  The list also on the webpage also lists some businesses that are on Bonnie View, Date St., First St., Foothill Blvd., Olive Ave., Orange Ave., Palm Ave., and Willow Ave.  Note that Foothill Blvd. is part of the infamous Route 66.  It looks like about 125 businesses are listed on the webpage.

Metrolink’s San Bernardino Line  

My younger female friend goes to work somewhere in the city of Los Angeles via MTA buses in Los Angeles and Metrolink trains.  Her home is very close to a Metrolink stop for the San Bernardino Line that is on 261 South Palm Ave.  There is a US Postal Office close by.  The stop is actually known as Rialto Station and it has 165 parking spaces.  That line for Metrolink runs westward all the way to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles and eastward to the city of San Bernardino.

Retail Businesses

There are two shopping centers that I found as I was looking at Google Maps. One of them is Five Points Plaza Shopping Center is located at the southeast corner of East Merrill Ave. and South Riverside Ave.  The address for it is 507 South Riverside Ave.  The other one is Rialto Value Center Shopping Center.  That one is located at the northwest corner of West Valley Blvd. and South Riverside Ave.  I’m unable to find the address for it, but it is across the street from Coco’s.  There is a Wal-Mart store at 1610 South Riverside Ave. to shop for inexpensive items.  A Home Depot store is located at 1451 West Foothill Blvd, which is in the middle between 210 (Foothill) Freeway and 10 (San Bernardino) Freeway.

San Manuel Casino

My older female friend, who enjoys gambling at casinos, says she enjoys going to a local Indian Casino.  It is called San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino.  The address for it is 777 San Manuel Boulevard, Highland, CA  92346-6713.  When you find the address on a map, you will see it is very close to Rialto.