Most of the people head to coffee shops to have a cup of coffee whenever they normally take a break from their hectic day of job. Many java drinkers consider that coffee is the best way to get relieved from their stress. Regrettably, the antonym is right.

Coffee mainly constitutes of Caffeine, which is a stimulant and not a reliever. It has the ability to enhance anxiety and stress, which is helpful for one to carry out the work. Caffeine has been borne witnessed in accelerating the stress hormones like norepinephrine and cotisol in the body. The sense of alertness got from these stress hormones helps in bringing up the exalted blood pressure and increased cardio rate.

You will experience a drastic change in your body, like improvement in your strength and legerity, heightened concentration and zippier in your reactions, when these stress hormones and chemicals of brain are discharged. This is majorly due to the organic phenomenon like circulation is deviated to the ultimacy, hence letting for enhanced concentration. When you mix up your inactive modus Vivendi with your everyday ingestion of more than 4 cups of coffee/day, your stress hormones level will be invariably raised. This leads to the increased level in anxiety and tension, sparking off your body's stress reaction which can take you to a high risk causing heart related diseases like cardiac arrest etc..,

Most of the people think that accustomed drinking of coffee will make them to develop a allowance to caffeine. But it is an absolute wrong perception of people. The human body can never resist more intake of caffeine.

Coffee is the one of the best beverage which can comfort you when you are stressed out and feeling anxious. But maximum intake of coffee a day can worsen your tension, stress and anxiousness.

Always keep in mind; anything consumed in a moderate quantity can never be harmful to your health. Likewise coffee should also be kept in check.