I have an affection for coffee, at some times you could almost describe my relationship with coffee as an affair. In large part this is due to the fact that I have six children and often Folgers is the only thing to drag me through my hectic day. I need not worry about stunting my growth anymore so I rationalize with myself that I can have all I want. Admittedly I quite often have way more than I should, but a good cup of coffee can make a bad day better, and cure many ill's.

Because of my known love for the good stuff my friends and family were inspired to send me the pictures of the places you will see below. Coffee lovers, be inspired! The next time you take a drive, be on the look out for these landmarks that dot the America countryside, inspired by coffee lovers just like us.


In 1963 Mrs. Olsen was introduced to America. Mrs. Olsen was the spokeswoman for Folgers coffee and her job was to sell you on the idea that Folgers coffee was "Mountain Grown" and "The richest kind." Stanton Iowa is the birth place of Mrs. Olsen aka Virginia Christine and in her honor the world's largest coffee pot was built. The coffee pot was painted to replicate a Swedish design since that was Mrs. Olsen's on screen heritage.


In disguise as a water tower this pot of goodness is proclaimed to hold 640,000 cups worth! Since a coffeepot isn't complete without a coffee cup a second water tower was built in the same design. Both towers are still in use today supplying the town of Stanton with a steady supply of drinking water, and bus loads of tourists to stop in and see the tribute for themselves. If you are ever in the area stop in the Swedish Heritage and Cultural Center, I am told the coffee is great and the conversation is better.

LynnesLouisville Kentucky may be home of the most unique coffee shop I have ever seen. Although this place doubles as a restaurant, gift shop, and party stop, I can assure you that you will never forget the cup of coffee you have at Lynne's Paradise Palace. Famous for the giant coffee pot overflowing into a coffee cup outside, and the horse toaster Lynne's has quickly risen to fame. If coffee isn't your drink of choice there's much more to see and do. Visit the gift shop and consider picking up some meat band-aid's, or a cat sling-shot to impress your friends and family. If you are ever in the area I encourage you to stop in and have a blast. Make sure you ask for 'The Instigator' I promise you won't regret it.

javajiveThough I have not personally been to the other notable coffee shrines in the United States I encourage you to visit them on your next drive through. There is a coffee pot night club in Tacoma, Washington. Bob's Java Jive, I can only imagine what's in there. Although it was reported that two monkeys used to call the place home.

coffeepotgasIn Bedford, Pennsylvania there is a place simply called The Coffee Pot, it used to serve gas and coffee but as I understand it now the building is relocated to the fairgrounds. The place was built in 1927 so America's love of coffee goes back a long way. The Coffee Pot was the oldest shrine to coffee that I can find. Although some may argue that the Teapot Dome Gas Station in Zillah, Washington is 5 years older, it is reported to be made in the likeness of a teapot and therefore I can't include it in my little contest, I can only award it with an honorable mention.

It would seem that America loves coffee more than I do. I'm told that there are many more buildings just like these that dot the landscape and provide an interesting sight to see on a long trip. I hope you get to stop by some of these places and see them for yourself.