Morning Cup Of Joe

Small cup of Coffee
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A Healthy Coffee Alternative

Do you love coffee but either can't drink it or are trying a healthier lifestyle and know you need to kick the caffeine? Do you love coffee and are looking for something that is less acidic and won't keep you up until midnight if you have a cup after dinner? Dandelion Root Coffee is a great alternative and the taste, in my opinion, is as close to coffee as we are going to get. It is easy to make, tastes good and is actually good for you!

The Annoying Weed From Your Yard

dandelion botanical drawing

What the Heck is Dandelion Root?

Dandelion Root is really named Taraxacum, Dandelion is  a French nickname that comes from Dent-de-lion, meaning Lion's tooth. Both the flower and the root are edible. To me it's a flower that makes me look like I can't take care of my yard. But it does have a bunch of health benefits that make this drink even better. I won't bore you with the details but Dandelion Root is good because it makes you pee. Cleansing your liver and kidneys allowing them to clean your blood better.  It has a mild laxative effect and can help to lower your blood pressure. Plus it has vitamins and minerals. Everyone needs more of those!

Easy and Good

Traditional medicinals dandelion tea

How do I Make It?

It's really easy just boil water, put the tea bag in your cup and pour it over. Let it steep for as long as you like, if you're not a "bagger" someone who likes to leave the bag in the tea-cup, steep for 10-15 minutes. I like the Traditional Medicinal's brand, it is inexpensive and pretty widely available, but any brand would work. After it steeps, add a tablespoon of Roma, whats Roma you ask?

Roma, the Un-Coffee

Kaffree Roma
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Kaffree Roma's  a grain based beverage made with roasted barley, rye and chicory. Chicory is good because beneficial bacteria in your gut really like it. It has a nutty flavor and is good all by itself, but when combined with the Dandelion Tea, which has a bitter flavor, it simulates coffee the closest. Roma is found at any grocery store by the coffee. Other kinds are available, Inca and Pero are more expensive but are good. Try them all and see which one is your favorite!

Enjoy Your Cup

That's it! It is that easy, add your favorite sweetener or creamers and your off. The most important thing to keep in mind is that this will not taste EXACTLY like coffee, but it, in my opinion, is pretty close, and is really good for you. Try it out!