Coffee is a flavourful, engaging and aromatic drink; it’s a morning drink for many of us and an essential social occasion for many people the world over.

 Coffee is made from the beans of the coffee plant which is grown in many countries. It has a stimulating effect on humans which is why it is so popular as a wake up morning drink. Aribica beans are the most popular bean used in coffee making.

 Coffee houses have been around for years, it’s not hard to find one nowadays but just looking at the menu can cause confusion. What do those fancy names mean and what are the differences between them?


Espresso is pure coffee with no milk added. Most coffee types start from a measure of espresso.


An Americano is an espresso diluted with hot water. In fact the name is actually an insult to Americans from Europeans who felt that Americans couldn't handle the strong espresso straight.


Cappuccino is made up of equal parts espresso, hot frothed milk and steamed milk.  This is particularly popular with people who don’t like the strong espresso taste. Milk, chocolate sprinkles and sugar can be added to cappuccinos to add a sweeter taste. The foam at the top of the drink keeps the heat in which allows it to stay hot for longer.

 Café Latte

A café latte is one part espresso with around 4 parts steamed milk with a small amount of froth on top. His is the Italian name for coffee with milk  and if you are in Italy do not order a “latte” because it means milk and you will get served milk.

 Café au lait

Similar to café latte except it’s made from brewed coffee and not espresso and it has equal parts coffee and milk.

 Café macchiato

Steamed milk added to a shot of espresso with the ratio of milk to coffee 4:1

 Instant Coffee

This drink is derived from brewed coffee beans which are dried down into power or granules. These granules or powder can be made into instant coffee by adding hot water and mixing.

 Café Mocha

An increasingly popular drink made with a measure of espresso, a measure of chocolate syrup and three parts frothed milk. Whipped cream and chocolate sprinkled can be added also

 So now, the next time you enter your favourite coffee house you will be more informed.