Cohesive gel breast implants, sometimes called gummy bear implants, have been used in Europe for quite some time now and have only quite recently been introduced in the United States. They have finally been approved by the FDA after a clinical study lasting more than a decade. Cohesive gel breast implants are also called gummy bear implants because of their texture which resembles that of the candy of the same name. There are many advantages to this type of breast implant making it a popular option for women wanting to fill up their cleavage a bit.

Before cohesive gel breast implants, the implants of choice in the United States were saline filled or silicone gel implants. However since their introduction in 2006, they are rapidly gaining in popularity. Why that is then? The number one reason for having plastic surgery is to look better. In this regard, gummy bear implants have their competitor beat according to many. Many women think that these implants look more natural and are a close match to the natural design of the breast. This is due to their « teardrop » shape (their are thicker at the bottom than at the top, just like a real breast). They also look better because they are more predictible. Because the gel inside is quite thick there is no sloshing around and shape is consistent. Apart from their look another advantage of cohesive gel implants are their durability. They are more durable because unlike traditional breast implants they cannot fold (folds are usually the weak point where implants fail).

Because they hug the natural shape of the breast cohesive gel breast implants do not easily shift around, they are also textured and not smooth help keep them in place. Since the gel inside them is relatively hard there is no immediate danger in case of an eventual rupture. On the flip side it would be harder to detect a failure of the implant compared to say a saline one. However only a few cases of breakage have been reported since their introduction (they are less prone to breakage than traditional breast implants).

Like all medical decisions it is important you consult with an health professional to see if gummy bear implants are right for you. You should also make sure that the plastic surgeon knows how to work and has experience with them. All surgeons may not be authorized to work with cohesive gel breast implants so make sure to do your homework first.