In more ways than one, coin collecting is a hobby that is very rewarding.It is not viscerally exciting like skydiving or driving a motorcycle for instance, but this hobby is exciting in many other ways.If you have been looking for a specific coin for a long time and then finally find it or discovering a mint- condition quarter from 35 years back is a pleasure that you would not like to miss.

Coin collecting is a reward all on it´s own for those who do it and there is nothing else like it for these people.Unfortunately this is something that many people find difficult to understand.The pleasure of collecting coins is all about discovery, the discovery of finding a rare coin that you have been searching for years.

No one collects coins just for the metal itself.There is always something new and exciting to discover, rare coins and new coins minted all around the world, different designs, special editions and history.It is impossible to complete a coin collection because there are just so many coins to collect.

The coins are not the only reason why people start collecting them, there is always something new and exciting to learn about coin collecting.

Coin shops are great places to discover new and rare coins, but you can also read articles, books and participate in discussion forums on the
Internet.Sometimes a simple observation is enough to decide what coin you are going to add to your collection next.

To learn new things and getting more knowledge is very rewarding and coin collecting is a hobby that provides plenty of opportunities to learn.

There are monetary rewards to coin collection too, not just mental rewards.Coins often increase their value over a longer time period and finding a unique coin in your collection that is worth thousands of dollars brings certain excitement.If you have a rare and expensive coin in your collection try to hang on to it because it will become even more valuable over time.Rare coins are rare in the future as well, they will not get any more common.

Starting your own coin collection is very easy.Start by looking through the change you have in your pocket right now.All the coins that are now being collected all over the world have been in someone´s pocket as change at some point.

Sometimes there are coins in circulation that contain some errors, like a double mint mark or the coin is off-center.Finding coins with errors is often more difficult than general coin collecting but if you manage to find one with a mistake on it, you can be quite sure it is a rare one of a kind coin that can be quite valuable in a few years time.

Learn everything you can about the coins you have in your pocket and move on from there.When your coin collection grows and you learn more about the coins, the only reason you need to continue your hobby is discovering new and exciting coins.Over time you will be able to assemble a big set of coins
that will be an investment all on it´s own.If you decide to quit collecting coins at some point you can probably sell your coin collection for nice amount.