Copper Coins

Coin collectors rare obsolete key date United States copper coins to collect is an article that will focus primarily on several coins that tend to elude collectors. The challenging example that can sometimes take literally years to acquire.

From the very beginning of the hobby that is known as numismatics, enthusiasts have had there thorn in the side coins that just can't be located. There's a reason for this and that reason is nine out of ten times because there are none left. All available examples have been lost worn out purchased or somehow destroyed. That's it. So now we're down to getting someone to give one up. Not an easy task when discussing extreme rarities.

When it comes to United States copper coins, the story is no different. Large cents and half cents of the early United States Mint productions are extremely rare in any condition and some are now noncollectable.

This does not mean they are nonexistent, it just means you can't get one. They're all in their nice little homes in this museum or that. Extreme collections scattered around the world may have one but will never break the set as this would be outrageously detrimental to the value.

This article is looking at coins one level up from noncollectable. Let's call them unavailable (normally). Searching the high roads and backwoods could turn up previously unknown examples. A lucky find in a garage sale or flea market hit for that box of copper coins. People find these rarities every day just not in abundance.

So starting with the oldest and working forward, the first coins that are a thorn in the side of the set collector have to be United States half cents. Several years within this series have an extremely small mintage and they have begun to disappear from the market already.

Rising prices and diminishing numbers of examples showing up on line and within the trade show circuit lead to the belief that a large price jump is inevitable in the near future for any United States key date half cents.

Copper Coins To CollectMore specifically the 1793 United States half cent with a mintage of 35,334 examples struck, this is an incredible find for anyone trying to fill a year set. Because of this low number there are only a fraction of this number of complete half cent sets possible.

Now we subtract the ones that have been lost forever which is estimated at 60 to 75 percent, a figure commonly accepted as derived from surviving known examples. Then take off all the coins that are already snuggled within a prized collection to stay for many years. What's left is a handful of coins to share with the entire world.

OK, now that we know why there hard to get and why they're called key dates. Limited commodity for an increasing customer base. It's a great thing if you already own because the value of your coin will dramatically increase with time. But... if you are a buyer then this means the longer you wait the higher the item will be when you do find the coin.

Key Date United States Copper CoinsKing of the United States copper large cent series has always been the infamous 1793 Chain Cent. This coin has a similar mintage to its half cent counterpart and exactly doubles the weight.

36,103 of these little treasures were struck by the United States Mint and getting one of these will use a large portion of your set's budget.

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Large cents seem to have a much larger collector base and the chain cent is an extremely hard coin to acquire in any grade. Many collector copies exist as well as outright fakes.

Any chain cent being considered for purchase should be certified and authenticated. Unless you are a numismatic expert with microscopic examination capabilities, detecting these counterfeits is a difficult endeavor to say the least. Getting professional grading from a respected service such as PCGS or NGC which are two of the biggest, is highly recommended.

Throughout the copper large cent series which runs from the year 1793 through 1857, excepting only 1815 when copper was needed to make ammunition, every other year is represented. After the aforementioned chain cent there are several other varieties right in the same era. In fact any copper cent from the 18th century is going to be a hard find.

1799 and 1804 are two years that will turn every copper cent collectors head when mentioned. These are the type of coins that fit well into this category. Large draw and huge popularity, a limited commodity being absorbed by a continuously expanding collector base.

Millions of collectors have now joined the party via the Internet and they come from all over the world. Recent numbers are off the chart for eBay searches and the number of available examples that have been coming up for sale is diminishing daily.

If you are in the middle of a year set of either half or large cents from the United States it is recommended to get the hard years sooner rather then later. A coin available today at a modest price could demand a kings ransom in the near future.

The writer of coin collectors rare obsolete key date United States copper coins to collect has been involved in coin collecting as well as investing for over thirty years, after watching the market for many years highly recommends the purchase of any United States obsolete copper coins for hobby or investment. It's a no lose situation with this limited commodity.